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Ranger Wheel Balancers

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Ranger RWS-1B Portable Bubble Wheel Balancer RANGER DST-2420 Dynamic Wheel Balancer
List Price: $170.00
: $145.00
List Price: $1,885.00
: $1,720.00
Ranger Model: RWS-1B - P/N 5156100 Ranger DST-2420 Dynamic Wheel Balancer  P/N 5140200
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Ranger RWS-1B Bubble Balancer Portable Wheel Balancer - P/N 5156100

The Ranger Bubble Balancer has a rugged Die-Cast aluminum head cone to withstand continuous use. The Bubble Balancer is equipped with a Self-Leveling stand, so there is no need for leveling legs.

Ranger wheel balancer

RANGER DST-2420 Wheel Balancer

The Ranger DST2420 wheel balancer is a highly accurate and dependable no-frills balancer that features our proprietary Digital Sensor Technology for critical reliability and repeatability.

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Specifications: DST-2420
  • Max. Wheel Diameter: 47"
  • Max Wheel Diameter: 10” - 30”
  • Wheel Width: 2” - 18”
  • Approx. Max. Wheel Weight: 145 lbs
  • Power Unit: 110V/220V 50/60HZ 1Ph.
RANGER DST64T Digital Wheel Balancer with DataWand™ Entry Ranger RB24T Super-Duty Truck Wheel Balancer with Drive-Check™ Technology
List Price: $2,790.00
: $2,570.00
List Price: $7,875.00
: $6,845.00
RANGER DST64T Direct-Axis Wheel Balancer Ranger RB24T
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RANGER DST64T Wheel Balancer w/Automatic Wheel Data Entry

The DST64T's Drive-Check technology dramatically improves rotational measuring typically used to diagnose and repair ride disturbance complications.

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Specifications: DST-64T
  • Max. Wheel Diameter: 50"
  • Max Wheel Diameter: 10” - 30”
  • Wheel Width: 1.5” - 20”
  • Approx. Max. Wheel Weight: 150 lbs
  • Power Unit: 208-230V / 50/60HZ / 1Ph
Ranger wheel balancer

RANGER RB24T SD Truck Wheel Balancer w/Drive-Check™ Technology

The Ranger RB24T truck wheel balancer is a heavyweight wheel balancer suited especially for high-volume commercial tire dealers and truck fleets. This is a REAL truck balancer with REAL FAST start up and REAL FAST braking speeds.

Specifications: RB24T
  • Max Tire Diameter: 50"
  • Max Wheel Diameter: 30"
  • Wheel Width: 2" - 20"
  • Shaft Size: 40mm
  • Max Tire Weight: 400 lbs
  • Power Unit: 208-240V / 50/60HZ / 1Ph