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QuickJack™ 6000ELX Super-Long Portable Lift 6,000 lbs

QuickJack™ 6000ELX Super-Long Portable Lift 6,000 lbs - 5175650
QuickJack™ 6000ELX

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Product Code: 6000ELX-110V

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Description Technical Specifications Warranty
QuickJack™ 6000ELX Super-Long Portable Car Lifting System 6,000 lbs Capacity

Supersedes BL-6000XLT

The ELX has the distinction of being our only car lift series to feature a single model. Its frames are super-long, even longer than our extended-length TLX series. This frame length is ideal for extremely long wheelbases, so this model fits virtually all contemporary EV cars, including top-end, luxury electric vehicles with lift points that run to the extreme edges of the vehicle frame.

QuickJack's cantilevered frames are specially designed so they won’t rub against your vehicle's tires as they rise. And since every QuickJack is a premium QuickJack, you get the same open-center car lift design and rolling portability of our TL and TLX models. Of course, it also comes standard with automatic safety locks.

The TL car lift series fits 90% of our customers’ needs. The TLX series covers most other vehicles. That leaves 1 – 2% of long-wheelbase cars not covered by QuickJack.

Everyone should have the ability to work on all their cars, professionally or otherwise. We know the future is here, and the future includes an incoming tide of fully electric (EV) vehicles with long wheelbases/lift point spreads. As the market stands today, there are no options for raising some of these vehicles without a full-size four-post. The 6000ELX is the only car lift, including scissor lifts and pit lifts, with a lift point spread that’s long enough to get the job done.

As luxury EV vehicles become more commonplace, we know auto shops and garages are going to need a portable/compact lift to work on these cars. Not every shop has a four-post or two-post, and smaller shops, such as many privately owned auto detailing shops, might not be able to fit one in their space. That’s why they get scissor lifts and low or mid-rise lifts. Unfortunately, super-long-wheelbase vehicles can’t be raised by these lifts. That’s what makes the BL-6000XLT so unique. It also has a robust weight capacity to handle electric sedans, which tend to be heavier than comparably sized gas-powered cars. With a lift point spread that’s longer than the frame length of an TL model, we sincerely doubt you’ll find a vehicle that’s 6,000 lbs. or under with a wheelbase too long for this lift (outside of semi-trucks, commercial buses/mass transit vehicles, etc.).

Extended-Length Car Lift Design
The 5000TLX portable car lift has been redesigned to accommodate vehicles with longer wheelbases. We’ve increased the overall frame length and lift point spread by 6". As a result, the minimum lift point spread is now 6" longer, as well. Our new portable car lift design better accommodates longer wheelbases and/or extended lift point spreads.

TL minimum lift point spread: 29.5"
TLX minimum lift point spread: 35.5"
ELX minimum lift point spread: 47.5"

TL maximum lift point spread: 60"
TLX maximum lift point spread: 66"
ELX maximum lift point spread: 76"

TL overall frame length: 69"
TLX overall frame length: 76"
ELX overall frame length: 86"

Automatic Safety Locks
The 6,000-lb. capacity 6000ELX features the same automatic mechanical locks as our TL and TLX models. Your QuickJack is safe to lift anything (under the weight limit) that reaches the lift points.

Extended Lift Point Spread
With a lift point range of 47.5" – 76", there isn’t much the ELX can’t handle. Its minimum range covers most sports cars, sedans, light-duty trucks, etc. Its maximum range makes it one of the only—if not the only—car lift that can lift vehicles with the longest wheelbases on the consumer market.

One-touch Button Control
The single touch of a button lifts the electric-hydraulic frames, getting your vehicle over 21" in the air in about 30 seconds. One more push safely lowers vehicles onto the mechanical locks. Leave your precious cargo raised for minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months—however long it takes to finish your work.

Built-in Hydraulic Flow Divider
The flow divider, built right into the power unit, ensures the frames lift evenly at all times. This is necessary because there is no crossbar(s) to act as a "brace" or mechanical leveler. Since the freedom of our open-center design is one of QuickJack’s most attractive features—and virtually no one else offers it—the promise of a level rise and descent is the most important one we can make.

  • 6,000 lbs Capacity
  • Durable powder coat finish


  • 6000ELX Left Frame Assembly
  • 6000ELX Right Frame Assembly
  • 1x Hydraulic power unit with control
  • 4x Medium rubber lift blocks (2")
  • 4x Tall rubber lift blocks (3")
  • 2x Short hydraulic hoses
  • 2x Long hydraulic hoses
  • 2x Frame-positioning handles
  • Fittings and thread tape for setup
  • Instruction manual


  • Up to 3 liters of Automatic Transmission Fluid
  • Air source to inflate air cylinders up to 50 PSI
  • Assembly tools

Note: QuickJack is shipped in three boxes

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