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One of the best products out there for fixing engines are the American made Omega Engine Stands. Fixing a car engine can be tricky. The item is extremely heavy and difficult to maneuver in a cramped space. This makes it troublesome to get the right angle to repair the item correctly. Luckily, there are a multitude of products that relieve this stress. Best Buy Automotive Equipment carries these Omega engine stands and they have continually shown to be strong, sturdy instruments. Below is an explanation of how it works and its dimensions.
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Omega HW93776 - OMEHW93776 Omega HW93776 3 Ton Engine Stand

Omega HW93776 3 Ton Engine Stand (Made in the USA) - OMEHW93776

List Price: $7,736.83
: $7,983.44
3-Ton Engine Stand

This product is perfect for any engine repair. The mounting head tilts, giving engine clearance for a full 360-degree revolution. The mechanism turns smoothly. A 95 to 1 gear drive and extra long handle make sure all rotations are sturdy and pulled off without too much physical force. The stand itself is locked to the floor, ensuring that it does not move or falter during a repair. The overall dimensions are 45” H x 50” W x 54-1/4”L. The wheels diameter is 7” in the front and 5-3/4” in the rear. Rotational Clearance head to the ground is 35-1/4 to 43-1/4. Lastly, the weight of the object is 631 lbs., making it rather sturdy. All Omega engine stands comes with a universal adapter. More adapters are available upon request.

The 3-ton engine stand is a quality product. It will make any engine fix-up far easier than either manually lifting the broken part or twisting your body to an angle where the damage can be fixed. Moreover, it will shorten repair times and allow a single mechanic to do the repair job. This will free up workers and make customers happier with their all around service. The stand doesn’t just lift up engines but your bottom line as well. Our staff is especially knowledgeable and if you would like to see the Omega engine stands in person, feel free to stop by and talk shop. The item is also available online if you would like to purchase it from the Best Buy Automotive Equipment store. It is drop ship only.