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Gun Safe and Cabinets

Depending on where your shop is, it’s not unusual for you to have your own form of security system to keep your employees and products safe. While some may go for a security system, others may consider a weapon in addition, in case they are working late and someone breaks in. We have gun safes and gun cabinets to keep your weapons stored safely and out of reach of anyone without the passcode or key. Depending on your comfort level, you may want to have several options available within your back office, just in case of emergency.

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Homak 8 Gun Double Door Steel Security Cabinet / Black HOMHS30136028 8 Gun Double Door Steel Security Cabinet

Homak MFG HS30136028 Black 8 Gun Double Door Steel Security Cabinet - HOMHS30136028

List Price: $930.37
: $636.13

If you are considering adding a security system of this form, then we highly recommend gun safes or gun cabinets to keep the weapon stored safely in. While a weapon on its own is not dangerous, there are numerous safety hazards, and it’s important that only yourself or those who you task with it are able to access the weapons, but that no one else can access them. This is where our storage options come in handy. You can give the passcode to your employees to use in case of emergency, and you can even use the steel security cabinets to store different bank deposits, in addition to the weapons. Otherwise, no one will be able to get into the cabinet or vaults, which is good in case a child or customer winds up in the office and becomes curious about opening cabinets or boxes. This is one of the most important factors of owning a weapon, especially in a public building where you do have various people coming in and out all day long. Our gun cabinets and gun safes offer an extra level of security knowing that the weapons are locked up tight until needed.

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