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Chassis Liner Frame Machine

Finding affordable equipment to keep your garage performing at its best should not be challenging. At Best Buy Auto Equipment, we make finding the right equipment and tools for your automotive repair shop a breeze. Our selection of Chassis Liner frame machines offers a wide variety of deck specifications and features to choose from. With more than 25 years of experience, Chassis Liner has solidified their reputation as one of the largest manufacturers of frame racks in the collision repair industry. Shop with confidence and expect superior quality with a broader selection of equipment to choose from.

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Chief/Chassis Liner CL832187 Chassis Liner #832187 Lift 'N Rak Pro™

Chassis Liner CL832187 Lift 'N Rak Pro™ Frame Machine

: $6,820.00
Chief /Chassis Liner PP 16 #832171 Profit Puller 16' Frame Machine Chassis Liner PP 16 #832171 Profit Puller™ 16 Foot Deck

Chassis Liner PP 16 CL832171 Profit Puller™ 16 Foot Deck Frame Machine

: $9,970.00
Chief/Chassis Liner PP 18  CL832172 Chassis Liner PP 18 CL832165 Profit Puller™ 18-foot Deck

Chassis Liner PP 18 CL832172 Profit Puller™ 18-foot Deck Frame Machine

: $12,595.00
Chief/Chassis Liner Model: 832000 - CL832000 Chassis Liner #832000 16' Revolution™ Frame Machine

Chassis Liner 832000 16' Revolution™ Frame Machine - CL832000

: $14,170.00
Chief/Chassis Liner TNR 18 #832030 - CL832030 Chassis Liner TNR 18 #832030 Truck 'N Revolution™ 18' Deck

Chassis Liner TNR 18 #832030 CL832030 Truck 'N Revolution™ 18' Deck - CL 832030

: $16,795.00
Chief/Chassis Liner TNR 20 #832075 - CL832075 Chassis Liner TNR 20 832075 Truck 'N Revolution™ 20' Deck

Chassis Liner Model: TNR 20 #832075 Truck 'N Revolution™ 20-foot Deck - CL832075

: $19,688.00
Chief/Chassis Liner  TNR 22 #832120 - CL 832120 Chassis Liner TNR 22 #832120 Truck 'N Revolution™ 22' Deck

Chassis Liner TNR 22 #832120 Truck 'N Revolution™ 22' Deck - CL832120

: $20,738.00
Chief/Chassis Liner MDT 28 #871030  CL871030 Chassis Liner MDT 28 871030 Medium-Duty Trucker™ 28' Deck

Chassis Liner MDT 28 #871030 Medium-Duty Trucker™ 32-foot Deck - CL871030

: $66,145.00
Chief/Chassis Liner HDT 32  871005 CL 871005 Chassis Liner HDT 32 871005 Heavy-Duty Trucker™ 32' Deck

Chassis Liner Model: HDT 32 #871005 Heavy-Duty Trucker? 32-foot deck Frame Machine - CL871005

: $110,245.00
Chief/Chassis Liner HDT 40 #871015 Heavy-Duty Trucker™ 40' Deck Frame Machine - CL871015 Chassis Liner HDT 40 #871015 Heavy-Duty Trucker™ 40' Deck

Chassis Liner HDT 40 #871015 Heavy-Duty Trucker™ 40-foot Deck Frame Machine - CL871015

: $131,245.00

Our remarkable selection of Chassis Liner frame machines includes classic designs and innovative features. Their Lift ‘N Rack Pro™ is a tried and true staple of many professional garages and repair bays. This unit combines scissor lift functionality with a portable frame rack that’s capable of pulling up to eight tons from any angle. These light- to medium-duty frame machines include four adjustable unibody tie-downs, four lifting pads, four wheel stands, stabilizer bars for side pulls, and a down-pull attachment.

Need a higher pulling capacity? Our heavy-duty selection of Chassis Liner frame machines can pull anything from 10 to 25 tons. These units would make an ideal investment for any automotive professionals working in fleet services, heavy farm equipment, or with large vessels such as tractor-trailers or luxury RVs. Many of the machines we supply feature laser-cut chain tie-down slots along the outside, center, and inside of the treadways to allow hundreds of tiedown possibilities for quick anchoring. Each machine features a durable heavy-duty construction with a powder coat finish that resists corrosion, rust, and damage caused by harsh environmental or chemical conditions. We also offer frame machines with twin pull towers with telescoping tower heads, providing multiple pulling capabilities up to three pulls per tower in most units.

Make each investment count by shopping with Best Buy Auto Equipment. As one of the nation’s largest automotive repair equipment dealers, it is our commitment to provide a shopping experience unlike any other. We carry a full range of Chassis Liner frame machines that will revolutionize the efficiency of your garage. If you have any questions, contact us today for further assistance.