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Auto Lift 1000M Front Extension

Auto Lift M-FrontExt - AL-1000M-FrontExt

List Price: $202.50
: $150.00

Product Code: AL-M-FRONTEXT

Auto Lift M-FrontExt 1000M Front Extension

If you have ever had problems with not having enough space, this Auto Lift 1000M Front Extension is the solution you are looking for. Designed specifically to give you more space on the 1000-M series motorcycle lifts, you can expand your work space substantially with this extension from Auto Lift.

We all know that not all bikes are built the same. Some are just tiny little sports bikes meant for speed and flexibility. Some are your classic Harleys with equal amounts of speed and hunk. Many others are even bigger and longer. It’s these types of bike you will want the extra space for and that is precisely why you would want the Auto Lift 1000M Front Extension. The Auto Lift 1000M Front Extension is easily attachable to any motorcycle lift in the 1000-M series.

All you have to do is locate the proper position and then bolt it on. It does come equipped with the same facilities as the base lift to allow for further expansion such as a nosewheel. It is built of stainless steel, so it can support any weight put on it without bending or warping.

Because it is stainless steel, it also won’t accumulate any oil stains or rust over the years, either. Our price—$95—is the best deal you can find on an Auto Lift 1000M Front Extension. Currently available in the 13-inch variety, it will extend the work space for your motorcycle lift to 93 inches, giving you more than enough space for work.

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13" - extends the table to 93”

Add the much needed 13 inches to your existing 1000M bike lift with the Auto Lift M-FrontExt 1000M Front Extension. This accessory is one of our must-have motorcycle lift accessories for your garage or repair shop. Getting front and side extensions for your table is one of the best business decisions you can make as you can cater not just to motorcycle owners, but to outdoors enthusiasts who own ATVs, jet skis, and snow mobiles.

The Auto Lift front extension will certainly make your motorcycle lift table more versatile. It will provide you with years of highly dependable service thanks to its durability. For motorcycle owners who are looking for more than just an ordinary lift table, this accessory is easily the best solution if you're planning on tinkering with your ATVs as well.

This accessory measures 13 inches and extends the table up to 93 inches. The Auto Lift front extension will fit the AL- 1000M bike lifts that you already have in your garage. You don't even need fancy tools to attach this accessory to the bike lift as you can secure it to the table quickly without breaking a sweat.

Just as bike lifts are important and valuable equipment in your garage or repair shop, the same is true for this accessory. Now, repair and even simple maintenance work like cleaning or changing the oil on motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and jet skis is as easy as ABC.

If you are planning to purchase the AL- 1000M bike lift or have an existing one in your shop, purchase the Auto Lift front extension. You might say that you'll only be working on bikes, but you'll never know when you'll need them for the vehicles mentioned above. You wouldn't want to turn down a repair job just because you don't have the right equipment, would you?

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