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AMGO Hydraulics Lift Accessories

If you have AMGO® hydraulics lifts in your auto garage, you've already got some of the best lifts in the world! Add to your lifts with our selection of accessories to enhance what your garage has to offer to clients and the way your technicians carry out auto jobs. When you plan for the unexpected, like weather-related power issues or equipment malfunction, you'll reap the benefits with lift accessories.

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AMGO® Hydraulics J5H 5,000 lbs Jack w/Hand Pump AMGO® Hydraulics J5H 5,000 lbs Jack w/Hand Pump

AMGO® Hydraulics J5H 5,000 lbs Jack w/Hand Pump

List Price: $513.00
: $461.00

One of these AMGO® hydraulics lift accessories is the AMGO® Hydraulics J5H. This is a very high-quality jack with a hand pump that is able to work independently or with your AMGO® lifts. It has a lifting capacity of 5,000 lbs. with a lifting time of 50 S. The maximum lifting height of this jack is 17 3.4" (or 451 mm). it can be used with a manual pump, which is convenient for your technicians. The jack features a mechanical safety lock, adjustable rubber pads, as well as 1.5" and 2.5" extension adaptors. Whether you're adding jacks to your shop alongside your car lifts or replacing old or broken ones, the AMGO® Hydraulics J5H is a reliable option. Jacks are great to have on hand, especially if a lift were to malfunction or your experience a power outage. The hand pump will allow technicians to continue working on vehicles even without the sophisticated car lift. They also work well with the AMGO® 4 post lift and scissor lift. We guarantee our price here at Best Buy Automotive is the best you'll find! Be sure to check out our other auto lift accessory collections from brands aside from AMGO®.

Your auto garage could always benefit from new, functional equipment to keep your business running smoothly. These accessories are wonderful when used with AMGO® car lifts, but also have their own importance without them. Having a problem with completing your order? Give us a call! If you have questions about the AMGO® hydraulics lift accessories or would like to speak with one of our customer service experts about another auto accessory issue, please contact us by email or call our toll-free number 800-647-7883.