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Best Buy Automotive has a wide range of American Gage Engine Hoist Products. These can lift a great deal and are extremely useful tools when taking out a vehicle’s engine. Without the proper tools, the job can be extremely strenuous and take valuable time away from the workers in a shop. Let’s take a look at some products that can help get any engine out.
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American Gage 3/8" Chain Load Binder AMG13050 Load Binder 5400lbs 3/8" Chain

American Gage 3/8" Chain Load Binder AMG13050

List Price: $63.83
: $49.61
American Gage 5/16" - 3/8" Ratchet Load Binder AMG13070 5/16"-3/8" Load Binder Ratchet

American Gage 5/16" - 3/8" Ratchet Load Binder AMG13070

List Price: $96.52
: $54.46
American Engine and Motor Sling for Lifting

This small chain can get some rather large jobs done. It safely and effectively latches onto an engine crain, chain-fall or cherry picker. It can also attach to motor mounts. Once it is on, the chain is so durable it can lift up to 600 pounds. It’s great ally when picking up heavy weights. It is important to remember that when removing an engine from a vehicle, you’ll need to keep it steady and secure. This will make the job safer and easier as well. The sling provides the safest way to attach an engine crane to your engine for easy removal and replacement.

American Gage Engine Load Binder 54000lbs 3/8” Chain

This heavy-duty load binder is designed for dependable performance no matter the load. It is made from high quality steel to give the user confidence and work with the utmost efficiency. The handle is constructed for easy handling. Ball and socket construction gives the chain flexibility and a straight-line pull on the load. This chain will not break. Its minimum breaking strength is 19,000 lbs. Its adjustability makes it the correct size for every job. Of course, each binder is individually proof tested at the factory.

American Gage 5/16”-3/8” Load Binder Ratchet

This piece is made to bind especially difficult loads. The turnbuckle style ratchet binders offer an all-steel construction for stability. The ratchet is also highly adjustable with spring-loaded pawls. The working limit is 5,4000 lbs. with an ultimate strength of 190,000 lbs. The handle length is a solid 14”.

Any of these products will get the job done. If you would like to visit a Best Buy Automotive Equipment location, our staff will be more than happy to help you find the perfect item. You can also order any of these great American Engine hoist products online.