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Solar Brand Battery Testers

If you own an automotive shop, you need a solid battery tester you can count on. Battery testers allow you to catch minor issues before they become big problems. Just like many of the accessories that help you get through your routines, many testers used by mechanics today are digital. SOLAR battery testers are some of the most trusted electrical system testing equipment used by auto repair garages throughout the country. They are well known for their speed and accuracy.

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Solar BA327 - SOLBA327 Solar BA327 Digital Battery & System Tester

Solar BA327 Digital Battery & System Tester w/Integrated Printer - SOLBA327

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: $349.43

SOLAR offers a nice variety of digital battery testers. Each of these testing solutions is easy to use and can clearly display whether the vehicle’s battery system passes or fails by light indication and a numerical value. These testers are small and easy to hold or transport. SOLAR battery testers are great for anyone who owns or works in a busy service garage, a dealership, a car rental facility, or an automotive parts store.

It’s relatively easy to find a good battery tester, but you may find it more difficult to find one of the best battery testers. As the auto manufacturing industry evolves, so must you. New cars are being equipped with new battery chemistries, such as absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries and gel cell batteries. SOLAR by Clore Automotive has kept up with this maturing industry by designing premium battery testers to ensure every phase of the charging process is optimal and accurate. All the models we carry can analyze the four popular and distinct battery types: AGM flat plate, AGM spiral, gel cell, and flooded batteries. The SOLAR battery testers we proudly carry test a range of batteries from as low as 4.5 volts to as many as 20 volts. Please be mindful of the individual specifications and your assessment needs.

When it comes to the cars you love and take pride in, it’s all about the battery. Invest in dependable battery and system analysis for vehicles and machines of every shape and size by choosing SOLAR battery testers. Your cars and clients will thank you.