4 Post Lifts Vs. 4 Post Heavy Duty Lifts

There is nothing quite as beneficial for a modern garage than a car lift. These remarkable machines will help you hoist up any vehicle so that you can work on it comfortably from any angle. With great strength and support, they will help make every job quicker and easier, reducing your stress every day. Making sure you have the proper lift to suit the needs of your shop or garage is important, as there are several different designs and dozens of choices for each. For most shops, a 4 post lift will cover any job with ease. They are easy to use and install and all around a great option. Below are some benefits and differences of 4 post lifts vs. 4 post heavy duty lifts.

4 Post Lift Pros:

  • Versatility - there are many different models available when it comes to ordinary lifts. With a wide range of weight capacities, rise heights, and wheelbases, not to mention the ability to be adjusted to accommodate many vehicles, there is a machine to fit any regular work.

  • Smaller size - a more compact construction enables standard lifts to fit smaller garages and shops, ensuring you can find a model that fits your workspace while also giving you more room to maneuver around the vehicle. Dimensions as small as 202 x 108 inches can fit into the smallest shops.

  • Lighter weight - a smaller construction also means standard lifts are lighter and more mobile. Not only does this make them easier to install, but it also makes them more mobile and easier to transport. With equipment as low as 1640 pounds, getting a powerful lift does not need to be a hassle.

  • Price - regular lifts are typically much more affordable than heavy duty options.

4 Post Lift Cons:

  • Limited use - lower weight capacities can prevent you from working on certain vehicles. Always make sure you have a lift that can handle the load you intend to hoist.

Heavy Duty Lift Pros:

  • Power - the most obvious difference when comparing 4 post lifts vs. heavy duty 4 post lifts is the weight capacity. While regular lifts max out around 12,000 pounds, heavy duty lifts go up to 60,000 pounds and more.

  • Size - if you are looking to handle the largest and longest vehicles, heavy duty lifts can get the job done. Supporting lengths beyond 40 feet and widths of 15 feet, no job is too large for heavy duty lifts.

  • Reliability - heavy duty lifts are designed to handle the largest loads, and they are built with reliability and safety in mind. Find the largest, toughest parts and components with these lifts and get great performance you can depend on.

Heavy Duty Lift Cons:

  • Price - the beefy construction and large size of heavy duty lifts means that they are often much more expensive than the smaller alternatives.

  • Weight - Clocking in up to 14,000 pounds and more, these lifts are large and often very immobile.

To make the choice between 4 post lifts vs. 4 post heavy duty lifts, consider what type of auto work you usually perform. If you are serving common customers with work on regular cars, a standard model will get the job done for the best price. If you need the extra functionality to handle the largest commercial vehicles, look for a heavy duty option. Take time to research the specifications of the lift you need so you can be sure it will fit your shop and give you the performance you need. The result will be great functionality that will improve your work and make life easier every day!

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