Specialty Lift Buying Guide

If you are a lover of vehicle lifts for their ability to make work quicker, easier, and safer, you might miss your equipment when out and about, or while working on new vehicles. There are many specialty lifts that can accommodate any of your needs and help you keep the power you need anywhere and everywhere you go. Enjoy extra portability with the very same lifting power and safety you need to get the job done. This specialty lift buying guide will help you find the right option for your needs. The most popular choice for specialty lifts that will be the perfect addition to any shop is the portable lift. Whether you intend to work outside your garage, or simply want an extra lift that can be used when needed and stored when not, these pieces of equipment are a great way to ensure you always have the power you need. They come in several different models, including scissor lifts, side lifts, low and mid-rise lifts, and more.

Scissor Lifts

Extremely portable and very easy to use, scissor lifts are a simple addition that any mechanic will appreciate. They are operated by simply being placed under a vehicle and lifted with a pump, lifting any vehicle where it is at a moment’s notice. This is especially useful because it will allow you to work on a vehicle wherever it is. Perfect for tire, wheel, and brake work, they give you easy access to the vehicle in minutes. However, propping the car up from beneath will restrict access and prevent more extensive work. With sizes as low as 8x3.5 feet, they can be fairly compact, allowing you to find space for them in any size shop. While they can be as heavy as 1,000 pounds or more, many lifts come with a heavy duty tow dolly so that you can still easily transport them anywhere you need.

Side Lifts

Simply put, side lifts are tools that can prop a vehicle up with columns placed on its side. By propping up the front or rear wheels of a vehicle on its side, you can get easy access to the underside of the vehicle to perform any work you need. This is a great option for performing extensive maintenance on a car anywhere you need to go. They are very portable and do not take up a lot of space, making them a great option for people who need to travel or do not have a large garage to hold all of their extra equipment. They can lift a vehicle as much as 30 inches, with 3,000-pound capacities that will help you perform work quickly and easily. Coming in at under 300 pounds, they are easy to move around and a great option for shops that have a dire need to conserve space or want to be able to perform work on the move.

Low/Mid Rise Lifts

Low and mid-rise lifts refer to the height at which this equipment raises the vehicle. Low rise lifts raise vehicles around 24-30 inches, providing easy access to wheels for quick tire, wheel, and brake work. Mid rise lifts can raise vehicles up to 50 inches, making it easier to work on the vehicle at a comfortable height. At the same time, they require more lifting to place new parts on the vehicle. These portable lifts will give you easy access to your vehicle and help you perform quick work without the need for heavy machinery. With 6,000-7,000 pound lifting capacities or more, you can work on a large range of vehicles without worry with either option.

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