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Stop getting dirty in your garage or shop! With garage creepers or shop seats you can do what you enjoy without getting so dirty. These seats are made with the finest quality materials, and are easy to store within your shop. Working on your car can take up a lot of time and effort, and it can be difficult to get underneath to work on it. When you have a garage creeper, you are much more likely to finish the job in a shorter amount of time and with less mess on you. Not only do they make it easier for you to finish your work, but they are built to last.

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Racatac Inc. 01RAC3 Kneeling/Sitting Creeper Seat Adjustable- RCT01RAC3 Racatac 01RAC3 Kneeling/Sitting Creeper Adjustable Seat

Racatac Inc. 01RAC3 Kneeling Sitting Adjustable Creeper - RCT01RAC3

List Price: $189.00
: $159.11
Whiteside Manufacturing HRAST Deluxe High-Rise Adjustable Creeper Seat - WHIHRAST High Back Seat Adjustable Pneuamtic Creeper

Whiteside Manufacturing HRAST Deluxe High-Rise Adjustable Creeper Seat - WHIHRAST

List Price: $267.83
: $208.37
Sunex Tools 8515 - SUN8515 44.5" Comfort Padded Creeper

Sunex Tools 8515 44.5" Comfort Padded Creeper SUN8515

List Price: $296.11
: $176.86
Whiteside Manufacturing MTL2UP - WHI2UP Whiteside Mfg MTL2UP 2Up Adjustable 44" Padded Creeper

Whiteside Manufacturing MTL2UP 2Up Either End Adjustable Creeper - WHI2UP

List Price: $265.59
: $190.87
Whiteside Manufacturing CRS -  WHICRS 40" Convertible Creeper/Seat

Whiteside Manufacturing Convertible Creeper Seat WHICRS

List Price: $251.29
: $184.70
Whiteside Manufacturing HRS-R - WHIHRS-R Whiteside R-03 Red High Back Seat Creeper with Storage Tray

Whiteside Manufacturing HRS-R Red High Rise Padded Seat WHIHRS-R

List Price: $192.09
: $134.36
Sunex Tools 8505 - SUN8505 40" 6-Wheel Vinyl Padded Creeper

Sunex Tools 8505 6 Caster Creeper with Adjustable Headrest - SUN8505

List Price: $138.51
: $79.56
Whiteside Manufacturing MTLV-MON - WHIMTLV-MON Monster Extra Wide Creeper

Whiteside Manufacturing MTLV-MON  Extra Wide Creeper WHIMTLV-MON

List Price: $199.39
: $146.56
Whiteside Manufacturing MTLV6-ADJ-V6 - WHIMTLV6-ADJ-V6 Whiteside 40" Adjustable Headrest Creeper

Whiteside Manufacturing MTLV6-ADJ-V6 Adjustable Headrest Creeper WHIMTLV6-ADJ-V6

List Price: $174.19
: $128.03
Sunex Tools 8509 - SUN8509 EZ Set Professional Pneumatic Shop Seat

Sunex Tools EZ Set™ Pneumatic Professional Shop Seat SUN8509

List Price: $114.06
: $64.66
Sunex Tools 8511-  SUN8511 40" Plastic 6-Wheel Creeper

Sunex Tools 8511 40"  6-Wheel Plastic Red Creeper - SUN8511

List Price: $133.16
: $87.22
Sunex 8504 - SUN8504 4 Caster Straight Back Creeper

Sunex 8504 36" X 17" 4 Wheel Vinyl Padded Creeper - SUN8504

List Price: $97.82
: $64.19
Sunex Tools 8507 - SUN8507 17" x 14" x 14" Seat Creeper /w Lower Shelf

Sunex Tools 8507 17" x 14" x 14" Creeper Seat with Lower Shelf  - SUN8507

List Price: $73.36
: $43.27
Omega 91000 - OME91000 40" Professional Z Creeper

Omega 91000 40" Professional Z Creeper/Seat - OME91000

List Price: $179.08
: $124.90
Whiteside Mfg HRAS   WHIHRAS Whiteside Adjustable Height Mechanic's Seat

Whiteside Mfg HRAS Adjustable Height Creeper Seat  17"-22"- WHIHRAS

List Price: $241.27
: $179.70
Ranger 5150514  - RST-1WS Ranger RST-1WS Rolling Work Seat with Under Seat Tray

Ranger 5150514 Rolling Work Seat with Under Seat Tray - RST-1WS

List Price: $60.00
: $50.00
Omega 92450  - OME92450 Omega 450 Lbs. Creeper Seat Tool Box

Omega 92450 450 Lbs. Creeper Seat Tool Box - OME92450

List Price: $209.18
: $159.37
Whiteside Manufacturing DTS2 - WHIDTS2 Low Profile Detailing Seat

Whiteside Manufacturing  DTS2 Low Profile Detailing Seat WHIDTS2

List Price: $236.09
: $173.52
R.E.L. PRODUCTS  REL-1-200 King Crawler Creeper

R.E.L. PRODUCTS King Crawler Creeper - REL-1-200

List Price: $309.43
: $158.39
ATD Tools 81009  -  ATD-81009 Mechanic’s Padded Creeper Seat

ATD Tools 81009 Mechanic’s Padded Creeper Seat- ATD-81009

List Price: $66.31
: $35.58
ATD Tools 81010- ATD-81010 Hydraulic Creeper Seat

ATD Tools 81010 Hydraulic Creeper  Seat  - ATD-81010

List Price: $119.26
: $64.79
ATD Tools ATD-81012 Hydraulic Tractor Seat Creeper

ATD Tools Hydraulic Tractor Seat Creeper ATD-81012

List Price: $205.98
: $111.59
ATD Tools Straight Creeper w/ Steel Frame ATD-81031 Creeper - Straight w/Steel Frame | Model: ATD81031

ATD Tools Straight Creeper w/ Steel Frame ATD-81031

List Price: $88.35
: $55.79
ATD Tools  ATD-81042 ATD Tools 40" Adjustable Headrest Creeper

ATD Tools 40" Adjustable Headrest Creeper ATD-81042

List Price: $120.61
: $64.88
ATD Tools  ATD-81045 40" Adjustable Folding "Z" Creeper/Seat

ATD 40" Convertible Creeper/Seat - ATD-81045

List Price: $158.05
: $85.02
ATD Tools 400 Lbs. Low Profile Creeper ATD-81046 400 Lbs. Low Profile Creeper

ATD Tools 400 Lbs. Low Profile Creeper ATD-81046

List Price: $196.62
: $88.25
ATD Tools 81047 - ATD-81047 Heavy-Duty Tool Box Creeper Seat

ATD Tools 81047 Heavy-Duty Toolbox Creeper Seat, 450lb Capacity - ATD-81047

List Price: $198.98
: $101.99
ATD Tools  ATD-81049 Heavy-Duty 3-in-1 Low Profile Z Creeper

ATD Tools Heavy-Duty 3-in-1 Low Profile Z Creeper - ATD-81049

List Price: $198.98
: $104.36
ATD Tools 8116F Foldable Topside Creeper - ATD-8116F ATD 8116F Foldable Topside Creeper

ATD Tools 8116F Foldable Topside Creeper - ATD-8116F

List Price: $793.45
: $389.99
Whiteside Manufacturing HRS - WHIHRS Whiteside R-02 Black High Back Seat Creeper with Storage Tray

Whiteside Manufacturing Black High Rise Large Padded Creeper Seat WHIHRS

List Price: $228.98
: $148.79
Whiteside Manufacturing MTLPNEU - WHIMTLPNEU 40" Heavy Duty Padded Creeper

Whiteside Manufacturing MTLPNEU  Heavy Duty Creeper WHIMTLPNEU

List Price: $377.99
: $208.79
Whiteside Manufacturing MTLV6 - WHIMTLV6 40" Padded Metal Frame Creeper

Whiteside Manufacturing MTLV6 40" Fully Padded Metal Frame Creeper WHIMTLV6

List Price: $167.49
: $97.19
Whiteside MTLVMON - WHI-MTLVMON Whiteside Extra Wide Creeper

Whiteside MTLVMON  Extra Wide Creeper - WHI-MTLVMON

List Price: $229.99
: $129.59
R.E.L Stapleton Inc 2-230  - REL-2-230 Mobile Seat Workstation

R.E.L Stapleton Inc 2-230 Mobile Seat Workstation - REL-2-230

List Price: $288.54
: $151.19
Luxor MS21-B Mechanics Seat Luxor MS21-B Mechanics Seat

Luxor MS21-B Mechanics Seat

List Price: $118.00
: $71.82
Omega 91000 - OME91000 2 in 1 Seat-Stool Combo

2 in 1 Seat-Stool Combo Omega 91305  - OMG-91305

List Price: $135.96
: $88.79
Lisle 92102 - LIS92102 38" Low Profile Red PlasticCreeper

Lisle Red Low Profile Plastic Creeper LIS92102

List Price: $118.26
: $75.59
Lisle 93102 - LIS93102 38" Low Profile Plastic Yellow Creeper

Lisle 93102 Yellow Low Profile Plastic Creeper LIS93102

List Price: $118.26
: $75.59
Creeper - Lisle Large Wheel Plastic (Blue) | Model: LIS94032 Lisle Large Wheel Plastic Creeper (Blue)

Lisle 94032 Blue Large Wheel Plastic Creeper - LIS94032

List Price: $161.22
: $103.19
Lisle 94102 - LIS94102 38" Low Profile Plastic Blue Creeper

Lisle Blue Low Profile Plastic Creeper LIS94102

List Price: $118.26
: $75.59

We have a great selection with an aluminum frame that is very lightweight and easy to use. You don't need to worry about whether or not they will fit within your shop—they are compact and will work just about anywhere, as well as being easy to store. You can also adjust the leverage size, so if you have a bad back, or you need them to work on other things besides your car, you can change the height to what you need. The adjustable seat can also be set to roll instead of remain stationary, giving you more mobility at a snap. They will help you stay comfortable, with thick foam kneepads that allow you to work for hours without any pain. When you spend your whole day kneeling, it's incredibly important to have the support you need to get the job done.

We also feature high back shop chairs for those who want to sit rather than work or their knees or back. They are easily adjustable so you can work at whatever height you want. Included is a gas filled lift cylinder, making it easy to go from one height to another. Most importantly, their heavy frame allows you to transport them anywhere without worrying about whether they will get beat up or not.

When you need a garage creeper or shop chair that you can count on, you should consider looking into some of the products we have to offer you. You know that they will help you with whatever work you need to get done around your shop.