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Best Hand Tools

We offer a huge selection of the best hand tools for any trade or task. Apply torque to nuts and bolts with our selection of wrenches. Drive nails, fit parts, and shape metal with our hammers and mallets. Amplify sound and pinpoint the source of engine noise with our noise detection stethoscopes. We offer equipment for just about any task.


Whether you’re searching for an adjustable wrench, combination fractional or metric wrench, we have the best hand tools you’re seeking. With popular brands like KTools, Irwin, Advanced Tool Design (ATD), and Platinum Tech, you’re sure to find the highest quality wrenches of any kind. Our crowfoot wrenches from ATD and Sunex will allow you to get into tight spaces, where other wrenches fail. If you’re a mechanic, working without a crowfoot wrench is virtually impossible. We have various sizes and options for any purpose. It’s a good idea to invest in a variety of wrenches to ensure you always have the right instrument for the job.

Master Mechanic Kits

Our Master Mechanic Kits from ATD, ChannelLock, and GearWrench are what every mechanic needs. Using the best automotive tools will allow you to work quickly and efficiently in your garage by having a variety of everything you need for new diagnostics and specialty vehicles. These unique kits will allow you to exceed customer expectations and move your career to the next level. Designed exclusively for professionals in the automotive industry, each instrument is made from high-quality, durable material to last a lifetime.

Screwdriver Sets

Every hard working person needs a set of screwdrivers. No matter what the job, we have a screwdriver set to handle every task. Whether you’re looking for mini, professional or ratchet screwdrivers, at Best Buy Auto Equipment, we have what you need. We offer sets in cases, stands from brands like Astro Pneumatic, Gear Wrench, ATD, and Performance Tool.

Shears, Snips, and Knives

Many jobs require cutting and trimming, which is why we offer a variety of sharp cutters from ATD, Irwin and AES Industries to help you get the job done right. We offer precision knives and blades for quick, exact cuts and pocket knives to ensure you always have your blade nearby. Our cutting pliers, wire cutters, and pipe cutters come in a variety of sizes and options for all your duties. Our snips are durable and easily cut through metal, giving you a mechanical advantage.

In addition to the options mentioned above, we offer some of the best automotive hand tools for any job.

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Vise Grip 40-22 Replacement Spring for Locking Tools VSG-40-22 Vise Grip 40-22 Replacement Springs for Locking Tools

Vise Grip 40-22 Replacement Spring for Locking Tools - VSG-40-22-02

List Price: $4.27
: $2.19
Ullman Devices Corp LED Lighted 4 Piece Hook and Pick Set - ULLCHP4-LT LED Lighted 4 Piece Hook & Pick Set

Ullman Devices Corp LED Lighted 4 Piece Hook and Pick Set - ULLCHP4-LT

List Price: $42.58
: $31.37
K Tool International Bearing Separator KTI70382 0-4-1/4" BEARING SEPERATOR

K Tool International Bearing Separator KTI70382

List Price: $63.54
: $50.39
GearWrench® 3680 - KDT3680 GearWrench KDT3680 Serpentine Belt Tool Kit

GearWrench® 3680 15 Piece Serpentine Belt Tool Kit - KDT3680

List Price: $81.13
: $60.21