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Whiteside Creepers

Whiteside Creepers and Seats

As one of America's leading manufacturers of creepers, seats, and accessories, Whiteside Manufacturing is a brand you can trust to help you and your technicians get the job done efficiently. What began as humble beginnings in a small garage transformed into a manufacturing facility that spans 100,000 square feet today. Whiteside creepers are innovative and designed to last, so professionals like you can make vehicle repair and maintenance more enjoyable in the long run. Best Buy Auto Equipment offers a wide selection of Whiteside creeper seats and creepers to suit any application. From oil changes to engine service, find a mobile solution that suits your needs by exploring our selection today. Plus, enjoy free shipping on select products while supplies last!

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Whiteside 2-1/2" Caster - WHI25BLACK 2-1/2" Caster

Whiteside 2-1/2" Caster - WHI25BLACK

List Price: $9.99
: $6.84
Whiteside Manufacturing MTLV6 - WHIMTLV6 40" Padded Metal Frame Creeper

Whiteside Manufacturing MTLV6 40" Fully Padded Metal Frame Creeper WHIMTLV6

List Price: $153.99
: $93.24
Whiteside MTLVMON - WHI-MTLVMON Whiteside Extra Wide Creeper

Whiteside MTLVMON  Extra Wide Creeper - WHI-MTLVMON

List Price: $193.99
: $117.05
Whiteside Manufacturing HRS - WHIHRS Whiteside R-02 Black High Back Seat Creeper with Storage Tray

Whiteside Manufacturing Black High Rise Large Padded Creeper Seat WHIHRS

List Price: $197.99
: $118.67
Whiteside Manufacturing MTLV6-ADJ-V6 - WHIMTLV6-ADJ-V6 Whiteside 40" Adjustable Headrest Creeper

Whiteside Manufacturing MTLV6-ADJ-V6 Adjustable Headrest Creeper WHIMTLV6-ADJ-V6

List Price: $187.73
: $142.36
Whiteside Manufacturing HRS-R - WHIHRS-R Whiteside HRS-R Red Large Padded Mechanic's Creeper Seat w/ Tool Tray

Whiteside Manufacturing HRS-R Red Large Padded Mechanic's Creeper Seat w/ Tool Tray WHIHRS-R

List Price: $192.09
: $149.69
Whiteside Manufacturing MTLV-MON - WHIMTLV-MON Monster Extra Wide Creeper

Whiteside Manufacturing MTLV-MON  Extra Wide Creeper WHIMTLV-MON

List Price: $221.13
: $174.28
Whiteside Manufacturing MTLPNEU - WHIMTLPNEU 40" Heavy Duty Padded Creeper

Whiteside Manufacturing MTLPNEU  Heavy Duty Creeper WHIMTLPNEU

List Price: $329.99
: $198.36
Whiteside Manufacturing CRS -  WHICRS 40" Convertible Creeper/Seat

Whiteside Manufacturing Convertible Creeper Seat WHICRS

List Price: $251.29
: $204.53
Whiteside Manufacturing DTS2 - WHIDTS2 Low Profile Detailing Seat

Whiteside Manufacturing  DTS2 Low Profile Detailing Seat WHIDTS2

List Price: $281.37
: $209.83
Whiteside Manufacturing MTL2UP - WHI2UP Whiteside Mfg MTL2UP 2Up Adjustable 44" Padded Creeper

Whiteside Manufacturing MTL2UP 2Up Either End Adjustable Creeper - WHI2UP

List Price: $265.59
: $210.45
Whiteside Mfg HRAS   WHIHRAS Whiteside Adjustable Height Mechanic's Seat

Whiteside Mfg HRAS Adjustable Height Creeper Seat  17"-22"- WHIHRAS

List Price: $304.11
: $214.39
Whiteside Manufacturing HRAST Deluxe High-Rise Adjustable Creeper Seat - WHIHRAST Whiteside HRAST High Back Adjustable Creeper Seat

Whiteside Manufacturing HRAST Deluxe Adjustable Height Mechanic's Seat - WHIHRAST

List Price: $289.69
: $231.79

Industrial-grade seating gives your mechanics greater physical control over the work they perform, which can improve productivity and employee morale overall. Our selection of Whiteside creepers includes a wide variety of sizes and styles to choose from. Traditional creepers are used to lie down on, so mechanics can easily access hard-to-reach areas of the vehicles they service. With a flat and padded platform, your technicians can also protect their back muscles and joints from making contact with concrete surfaces. We supply extra-wide and heavy-duty creepers, as well as models with adjustable headrests. All creepers are fully padded to eliminate aches and pains on the job.

Turn backbreaking work into a rewarding experience by shopping from our selection to find the perfect mechanic's seat for your garage. We provide a wide variety of Whiteside creeper seats, including low-profile roller seats for detailing wheels or servicing breaks and suspension. We also stock static and height-adjustable seats that come with generous padding to ensure optimal comfort as well as oil-resistant rollers that swivel with ease. With a powder-coated finish on the framework of most models, your new creeper won't rust or corrode. We also carry replacement casters to help you keep your Whiteside creepers in great shape for years to come. Please contact us today with any questions about Whiteside Manufacturing products or our selection of creepers and seats.