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Bench Grinders

Work Metal Efficiently with Professional Bench Grinders
Bench grinders are essential tools for the modern mechanic and metalworker. With access to dependable equipment, your work space can become safer and more efficient.
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ATD Tools 6" Wire Wheel with Spacer for 1/2" Arbor ATD-8350 6" Wire Wheel

ATD Tools 6" Wire Wheel with Spacer for 1/2" Arbor ATD-8350

List Price: $58.13
: $29.05
ATD Tools 8" Wire Wheel with Spacer for 5/8" Arbor ATD-8361 8" Wire Wheel

ATD Tools 8" Wire Wheel with Spacer for 5/8" Arbor ATD-8361

List Price: $78.03
: $39.00
DeWalt DW756 - DWT-DW756 6" Heavy-Duty Bench Grinder

DeWalt DW756 6" Heavy Duty Bench Grinder with 5/8 HP - DWT-DW756

List Price: $188.81
: $122.05
Sunex  28in. High Bench Grinder Pedestal Stand SUN5003 Bench Stand Grinder Pedestal

Sunex  28" High Bench Grinder Pedestal Stand - SUN5003

List Price: $164.84
: $130.59
DeWalt DW758 - DWT-DW758 8" Heavy-Duty Bench Grinder

DeWalt DW758  8" Heavy-Duty Bench Grinder -DWT-DW758

List Price: $256.56
: $165.85
Sunex Tools 5002A - SUN5002A 8" Bench Grinder

Sunex Tools 5002A 8" Bench Grinder with Light - SUN5002A

List Price: $360.44
: $269.67
JET Model JBG-6A - JET577101 6" JBG-6A Bench Grinder

JET JBG-6A  6" Heavy-Duty Bench Grinder -  JET577101

List Price: $419.19
: $329.40
JET JBG-8A 8" Industrial Bench Grinder JET577102 8" JBG-8A Bench Grinder

JET JBG-8A 8" Industrial Bench Grinder - JET577102

List Price: $547.36
: $454.04
JET BG-10A  -JET577103 10" JBG-10A Bench Grinder

JET JBG-10A 10" Industrial Bench Grinder - JET577103

List Price: $1,005.00
: $803.02
How Grinding Equipment Works

Bench grinders use wire brush wheels to grind and shape metals. The machine itself is bolted to the floor. Different grades of abrasive wheels can be attached and detached based on your metalworking needs. This machinery is highly effective in sharpening a broad variety of tools, including:
  • Chisels
  • Punches
  • Drill bits
  • Lathe tools
  • And more
Lower grade wheel pieces can also be used for polishing and smoothing before pieces are attached to a vehicle. Softer metals cannot be used with this machine, as they can damage the integrity of the parts.

Why You Need One

If your shop requires detailed craftsmanship and a lot of cutting, you should invest in some type of grinding equipment. In our online store, you will find a wide variety of models from the brands mechanics know and trust.

Safety Concerns

Because industrial metalworking operates at a high speed and usually involve sharp objects, it is essential to take proper safety precautions. Always wear recommended protection, such as eye glasses and gloves. Because this machine facilitates direct material contact, objects may heat up quickly. Have a pool of water nearby to cool items to prevent unnecessary exposure to extreme heat.

Our Selection

Best Buy Auto Equipment is your online resource for heavy duty metalworking gear. Our selection of bench grinders includes:
  • 6” – 10” models
  • Standing pedestal
  • Variety of wheel brushes
  • Wheel bench
  • Spacers
With over 25,000 items in stock, you can depend on us to provide speedy shipping of your chosen model. Delivery, financing, and installation are also available for maximum customer convenience.

Call an Expert Today

At Best Buy Auto Equipment, we know how important it is to select the best gear for your shop. You want tools that are long lasting and budget friendly. Our auto repair experts can help you find solutions day and night. Call us between 8AM and 9PM EST to speak with an experienced repair expert about your metal shaping needs. 855-275-5141.