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Sunex Tools Creepers and Seats

When it comes to automotive maintenance, having the right equipment on hand can make a big difference in the comfort of your technicians. Out of all the accessories a professional garage requires, creepers are often overlooked. Vehicle inspections, repairs, and maintenance might be labors of love, but they can also be backbreaking work. Luckily, Best Buy Auto Equipment is the top destination for affordable seating solutions. Since 1977, Sunex Tools has delivered industry-leading tools and equipment to the automotive market. Sunex Tools creepers are among the best in their class and the most comfortable to boot. We offer a broad selection of creepers and Sunex Tools creeper seats to help you find the best solution for your shop.

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Sunex 8507 Deluxe Oversize Frame Creeper - SUN8507 Sunex 8507 Deluxe Oversize Frame Creeper Seat

Sunex Tools 8507 Deluxe Oversize Frame Creeper w/Lower Shelf  - SUN8507

List Price: $88.04
: $53.13
Sunex 8504 - SUN8504 4 Caster Straight Back Creeper

Sunex 8504 36" X 17" 4 Wheel Vinyl Padded Creeper - SUN8504

List Price: $117.40
: $59.17
Sunex Tools 8509 - SUN8509 Sunex Tools 8509 EZ Set Professional Pneumatic Shop Seat

Sunex Tools 8509 EZ Set™ Pneumatic Professional Shop Seat SUN8509

List Price: $136.87
: $79.56
Sunex Tools 8511 Red Plastic 6-Wheel Creeper -  SUN8511 Sunex 8511 40" Red Plastic 6-Wheel Creeper

Sunex Tools 8511 40"  6-Wheel Plastic Red Creeper - SUN8511

List Price: $145.68
: $86.24
Sunex Tools 8505 - SUN8505 40" 6-Wheel Vinyl Padded Creeper

Sunex Tools 8505 6 Caster Creeper with Adjustable Headrest - SUN8505

List Price: $141.14
: $101.03
Sunex Tools 8515 Padded Deluxe Creeper w/Oversized Frame - SUN8515 Sunex Tools 8515 Padded Deluxe Creeper

Sunex Tools 8515 Padded Deluxe Creeper w/Oversized Frame & Free Creeper Seat - SUU-8515CS

List Price: $219.99
: $190.31
Sunex Tools 8515 Padded Deluxe Creeper w/Oversized Frame - SUU-8515 Sunex Tools 8515 Padded Deluxe Creeper

Sunex Tools 8515 Padded Deluxe Creeper w/Oversized Frame - SUU-8515

List Price: $219.99
: $190.31

Comfort and mobility are the keys to success when you own an automotive business. With a dependable creeper on hand, you can make automotive repair or service more efficient and enjoyable. Our selection of Sunex Tools creepers includes a wide variety of sizes and styles, so you can find the perfect solution for an affordable price. Straight creepers are typically used to access those hard-to-reach areas of vehicles from a comfortable working height and position. Every standard creeper we carry comes with a padded headrest to protect your head and neck as well as casters to help make mobile inspections and maintenance easier than ever before. Sunex Tools creeper seats give technicians better access to all areas of the cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans they work on.

Give your arms, back, and knees a rest by exploring our selection of Sunex Tools creepers. At such great prices, you can easily invest in a few sizes to accommodate any kind of car, truck, van, or SUV that comes through your service bay. Best of all, Sunex Tools creeper seats and creepers are built to last with powder-coated frames that resist corrosion and rust. Even if you don't have space for an automotive lift, don't let odd jobs or hard-to-reach areas get the best of you. Invest in a creeper or seat today. We also offer free shipping on select products while supplies last. If you have any questions or would like help while you shop, please contact us today.