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Scan Tools

The first step in fixing a car is diagnosing the problem, and the harder that is, the longer the job is going to take. Stressing to find the answers can cost your garage valuable time and leave you frustrated. We have a huge variety of scan tools and accessories to help you make diagnostics quick and easy. In this modern age, having the equipment to properly analyze a situation is as important as the tools that fix the problem itself!

We carry scan tools and accessories to tackle any problem on the vehicle. Check out our easy to use handheld engine diagnostic tools and multimeters. Being able to measure electric current is a staple of every garage that you simply cannot go without! In addition, we have timing lights, fuel injection kits, tachometers, smoke machines, and more. You can ensure everything works fine under the hood, or easily identify which specific piece does not. Our equipment will help you save time and stress when fixing a vehicle.

We also have a variety of digital auto scanners, capable of checking everything from the engine to the transmission. Enjoy handheld devices that can store hours of data and create useful graphs, display codes, and more. Whether you are testing electricity or exhaust, we have a scan tool to fit the job. There are also wireless vehicle to PC links, allowing you to easily perform diagnostics with a PC interface. These tools will help you save time during routine maintenance and check ups, and save you a lot of hassle and stress when trying to identify a problem with your vehicle.

There are many other scan tools available as well, from circuit testers to fuel system diagnostics. Check out our huge selection to find exactly what you need to get the job done. We are dedicated to helping mechanics get the tools they need to properly maintain vehicles, from do-it-yourself auto enthusiasts to those running businesses. With our great discounts, you can find quality equipment to match any budget and get the equipment you are looking for!