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Lisle Creepers and Seats

Lisle Creepers and Seats

Space is a problem faced by many automotive professionals and business owners. When it comes to maneuvering tools, accessing hard-to-reach areas of a vehicle, and performing services or oil changes, you can always count on getting the job done more efficiently with a comfortable creeper at the ready. Lisle Corporation offers more than a century of experience manufacturing specialty automotive tools and equipment for the automotive market. We offer a wide variety of Lisle creepers and Lisle creeper seats that can drastically increase productivity and the profit potential of your business. Explore our selection today to find an affordable solution for your garage and enjoy free shipping on select products while supplies last.

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Lisle  92132 - LIS92132 2" Wheel Replacement

Lisle 2" Replacement Wheels for Lisle Plastic Creepers LIS92132

List Price: $7.65
: $4.70
Lisle 96412 - LIS96412 Headrest for All Lisle Plastic Creepers

Lisle 96412 Headrest - LIS96412

List Price: $8.50
: $5.22
Lisle 96132 - LIS96132 2" Replacement Caster for Lisle Creepers

Lisle 2" Replacement Rubber Wheel for Steel Creeper LIS96132

List Price: $10.08
: $6.17
Lisle 96422 - LIS96422 2" Caster for All Lisle Plastic Creepers

Lisle 96422 2" Bolt On Wheel For all Lisle Plastic Creepers - LIS96422

List Price: $10.32
: $6.33
Lisle 95002 - LIS95002 Fold Up Padded Creeper Mat

Lisle Fold Up Padded Creeper LIS95002

List Price: $76.76
: $47.11
Lisle 92102 - LIS92102 38" Low Profile Red PlasticCreeper

Lisle Red Low Profile Plastic Creeper LIS92102

List Price: $170.61
: $104.71
Lisle 93102 - LIS93102 38" Low Profile Plastic Yellow Creeper

Lisle 93102 Yellow Low Profile Plastic Creeper LIS93102

List Price: $170.61
: $104.71
Lisle 94102 - LIS94102 38" Low Profile Plastic Blue Creeper

Lisle Blue Low Profile Plastic Creeper LIS94102

List Price: $170.61
: $104.71
Creeper - Lisle Large Wheel Plastic (Blue) | Model: LIS94032 Lisle Large Wheel Plastic Creeper (Blue)

Lisle 94032 Blue Large Wheel Plastic Creeper - LIS94032

List Price: $237.64
: $145.87

Why spend hours crawling underneath cars when you can stay clean and make quick work of automotive repairs by investing in a Lisle creeper? Our selection of Lisle creepers features an array of models to suit any kind of automotive task or application. Low-profile creepers can make the best use of limited workspace, and we offer several designs and colors to choose from. All low-profile creepers are made of plastic that resists solvents, greases, fuels, and other liquids. The form-fitting design of a Lisle creeper is engineered to ensure optimum comfort. All creepers feature bigger wheels for a better ride over debris and under heavy loads.

Limited space in your service bay? Our selection of Lisle creeper seats includes a variety of options to choose from. Lisle's fold-up padded mats work great for off-road situations or where jacks and lifts are unavailable. These padded creepers can fold up and hang for convenient storage. We also offer large plastic creepers that come with bigger wheels for a better gliding experience on cracked and uneven floor surfaces. Shopping for replacement parts? We carry headrests that fit all plastic creeper models, as well as wheel replacements and caster kits. If you have any questions about our selection of Lisle creeper seats and creepers, please don't hesitate to contact us for additional information.