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Noise Detection Tools

Even with the increased technology and computer readouts in car parts, sometimes the easiest and most accurate way to diagnose a problem is by ear. With our selection of stethoscopes and noise detection tools, you will be able to accurately diagnose problems with your engines, transmissions, and more. With so many great options in one place, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for at competitive prices.

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Lisle 52500 - LIS52500 Mechanic's Stethoscope

Lisle Mechanics Stethoscope LIS52500

List Price: $30.30
: $18.60
Lisle Audio Stethoscope LIS52700 Audio Stethoscope

Lisle Audio Stethoscope LIS52700

List Price: $30.30
: $18.60
Available While Supplies Last!
Lisle Stethoscope Set LIS52750 Stethoscope Set

Lisle Stethoscope Set LIS52750

List Price: $37.73
: $23.16
Steelman Pro 65001 EngineEar® Electronic Stethoscope JSP65001 Steelman PRO 65001 EngineEAR™ Electronic Stethoscope

Steelman PRO 65001 EngineEAR™ Electronic Stethoscope - JSP-65001

List Price: $147.36
: $108.09
Special Order Item Only

Our automotive stethoscopes work just like a doctor's stethoscope. The sound amplifier will allow you to hear within the part of the vehicle you are trying to diagnose, while the metal probe allows you to pinpoint the exact location of the problem. This allows you to discover where worn bearings and bushings are, which vales and lifters are noisier than they should be, which gear teeth are worn or broken, and so much more. Many of our stethoscopes also include funnel amplifiers that allow you to detect noises from vacuum, exhaust, or air leaks. Our electronic engine ear stethoscopes are able to amplify sound while cancelling out surrounding noise, allowing you to diagnose faulty parts even in a loud environment. With its non-conductive microphone, you do not have to worry about electrical shocks to you or the computer circuitry within your engine.

With over 80 years of combined staff experience in the automotive industry, you can be sure that we have your best interests in mind. We carry the highest quality materials and products at affordable prices and our website has become a favorite for licensed mechanics and hobbyists alike. Want to learn more about our selection of noise detection tools and stethoscopes? Not sure when the right time to use each tool is? Call or contact us via email to speak to one of our expert customer service representatives and we would be happy to assist.