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BendPak GrandPrix™ GP-9XLT Package 4 post High Lift 9,000 lb. w/ Extended Length

BendPak GrandPrix™  GP-9XLT 4 Post High Lift w/ Ex Length 9,000 lb. Capacity
BendPak GP-9XLT Package

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BendPak GrandPrix™ GP-9XLT Package 4 Post High Lift w/ Extended Length

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For this lift, we took all the things you love about the GP-9F—ample drive-thru clearance, compact design and high weight capacity—and simply added more to the frame! We increased the length of this car lift by 24 inches while adding 12 inches of height to the columns.

The GP-9XLT accommodates long-wheelbase vehicles and provides a full extra foot of lifting height, making it ideal for taller techs. This unique four-post lift takes the best of two worlds, combining the rugged and dependable nature of hydraulic power with the simplicity and safety of mechanical operation.

The GP-9XLT's rugged design sets it apart from other similar-looking lifts out there. With boxed-steel columns constructed from tough welded-steel, the support structure of this four-post lift is as strong and stable as any other commercial-grade lift's structure. Plus, this GrandPrix lift includes many high-quality accessories for which other lift companies charge extra!

The GP-9XLT demonstrates our ongoing commitment to quality, safety, reliability and value. With BendPak's proven history of safety and reliability, you know you're in good hands. This lift will raise and hold up to 9,000 lbs., so it's no surprise that techs can do more in less time with GrandPrix in their shop. Simple controls offer a level of precision that's only found among the very best products. You can expect flawless performance from your lift, no matter how often you use it.

Enjoy a Longer, Taller Four-Post Lift
The extended and heightened dimensions of this lift make it one of the most versatile box-frame lifts ever built. Some people simply love the boxed-over design: It's sturdy and allows operators to keep a close eye on all the critical lifting components (sheaves, wire ropes, etc). A durable protective cover helps protect such critical components against sudden spills and other unfortunate shop accidents. Enjoy everything this sturdy-yet-slender lift has to offer.

Make Room to Save Space
Even with its expanded dimensions for long-wheelbase vehicles, the GP-9XLT makes intelligent use of every sought-after smidgeon of floor space. With this lift in your home garage, you're sure to actually save space and gain back room you thought was lost to clutter. GrandPrix's smart use of space is unparalleled, which is why we recommend this car lift in both commercial and residential applications.

BendPak Means Superior Service
The GP-9XLT does not compromise on performance, and BendPak's longstanding reputation as the global leader in lift technology is proof that we can back up what we say. If you need customer support, someone is always here to assist. We're burners of the midnight oil when it comes to providing comprehensive support and getting you the same service we'd want for ourselves. So help us help you: Put our half-century of experience in this business to the test!

Boxed Steel Construction & Sleeve Containment
The GrandPrix GP-9XLT features extended-height versions of our toughened boxed-steel columns (4.75" x 4.75" wide) to ensure maximum durability and incredible resistance to twisting and bending. Their 5/8? thick, 12" x 12" baseplates provide superior support for loads on varying floor surfaces and finishes. Full-perimeter exterior steel sleeves are known for retaining solid capture of the lift columns, so your vehicle remains safe and supported at all times. Furthermore, the GrandPrix design cradles the steel sleeves to create an interlock that further decreases any risk of tipping.

Multi-level locking positions
16 locking positions are spaced every four inches to accommodate varying ceiling and vehicle heights. If you want more room to stand upright under your vehicle or park high-stance trucks and SUVs, the GP-9XLT features three more locking positions for your convenience. That's 12 inches of extra rise compared to the standard-size GP-9F.

Heavy-Duty Aircraft Wire Rope
GrandPrix four-post lifts feature four lifting wire ropes made from superior-grade stainless steel. Every wire rope is rated to support 14,000 lbs. The combined wire rope rating is 700% of the lift's rated capacity, so the chance of overloading a cable under normal circumstances is slim to none.

Automatic Safety Locks
Four, 3/4" thick safety locks engage simultaneously as the lift is raised. At all times, locks are securely trapped by the cross tube sleeves, so they don't become dislodged or disengaged. A backup slack-cable lock ensures instant lock engagement in the unlikely event that a main cable fails.

Simple Operation
GrandPrix gives operators more confidence with simple controls. This extended-height lift truly goes the distance faster than ever—just 55 seconds to max rise!

Peace of Mind
GrandPrix is industrial grade, so it performs the way you'd expect. Safety is our main focus, and this car lift has all the industrial-grade features and durable components that make it safe to operate. Use it with the included anchor bolts or let it stand free.

Professionals You Can Depend On
BendPak's dealers and service providers deliver quality customer service that sets them apart from our competition. We excel at all phases: before, during and after you make your purchase. With every lift that you add to your home garage or professional fleet, BendPak's service providers offer the following services:

  • Genuine BendPak OEM parts
  • Planned maintenance
  • Convenient national locations
  • Five-Year Warranty

BendPak and GrandPrix offer more than just car lifts: We want you to feel like you're getting the absolute highest quality product at the best value. Every GrandPrix home garage lift is backed by BendPak’s standard five-year warranty. Rest assured that if any major component fails, it will be replaced.

All Accessories Included
A four-post lift assembly just isn't complete without the right accessories. Most other brands sell these accessories separately from the lift, effectively making them hidden costs of ownership. Such standard accessories include four quick-mount casters, rugged polyethylene drip trays, a mobile jack tray and removable aluminum approach ramps. All come standard with GrandPrix. To further ensure the safety of your vehicle, we include forward and rear-mount hardened steel tire stops, as well as a set of hard-rubber wheel chocks.

GP-9 Series package
  • BendPak's proven legacy gives you an edge in performance, service and cost of ownership.
  • Designed to be fastened to the floor or free-standing.
  • Comes standard with caster kit, drip trays, mobile jack tray, aluminum approach ramps, hardened steel tire stops and hard rubber wheel chocks.
  • Boxed-steel columns are made from structural 4.75" x 4.75" welded steel tubing.
  • Columns feature 12" x 12" baseplates 5/8" thick.
  • Manual dead bolt locks are reliable and safe and are machined directly into the boxed-steel columns.
  • 3/4" thick steel safety locks are spring loaded for automatic and solid engagement.
  • 16 positive locking positions are spaced every 4 inches.
  • Secondary slack-cable lock system assures instant back-up safety lock engagement in the event of a cable failure.
  • Exterior steel sleeves with UHMV slides surround each column to ensure positive contact and containment.
  • ¾” thick safety locks are securely trapped by the full-perimeter cross tube sleeves and can't become dislodged or disengaged.
  • Welded-steel tread-plate runways feature utility rail for jack tray and drip trays and other accessories.
  • Runways are welded and boxed for extra strength.
  • Built-in flow restriction integrated into the hydraulic cylinder to prevent free-fall.
  • Oversize baseplates and pull-perimeter cross tube sleeves reduce lateral movement and sway when lift is free-standing.
  • Low profile runways are only 5" high to accommodate low ride-height vehicles.
  • Hardened steel safety lock linkages use 3/8" molded carbon steel rod ends to reduce flex and twist to ensure positive locking and smooth operation.
  • Precision, reinforced rod ends with spherical bearings are protective coated for corrosion resistance and are designed to provide low friction and high wear resistance.
  • 5/8" thick top caps.
  • Sheave axles feature hardened steel collars and snap rings.
  • Pull out tire stops on both ends of the lift that allows drive through capability.
  • Stainless steel lifting cables are rated to handle over 14,000 lbs. each.
  • Cable keepers assures cables remain safely secure to the sheaves.
  • Pre-assembled cables simplifies installation.
  • 36" aluminum approach ramps are gusseted to eliminate flex and bending.
  • Non-marring heavy-duty poly caster wheels will not damages painted floor surfaces.
  • Durable powder coat finish.
  • 3/4" runway bolts provide positive attachment with increased safety factor.
  • Operator controls are simple to use, well-placed and ergonomically advanced to reduce operator strain and fatigue and increase safety.
  • Electric/hydraulic power system.
  • Single hydraulic cylinder underneath runway.
  • Optional full-length aluminum platforms can be added to easily store lawnmowers, ATVs, jet skis or motorcycles.


  • Aluminum Ramps
  • Caster Kit
  • Jack Tray
  • Drip Trays

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