Shipping & Delivery of your New Automotive Lift

Q. what happens if I get my freight (car lift) and then I notice it is damaged?
A. It is the customer's responsibility to inspect the freight before accepting it. When the freight leaves our facility it is in perfect condition. If you accept the freight with freight damage, it is YOUR responsibility to file a claim with the freight company.

Q. Can't I just break it down out of the back of the freight truck?
A. No. The freight company cannot wait for you to disassemble the lift. Nor will the freight company's insurance allow the customer in the back of their truck.

Q. Who is responsible for unloading the automotive equipment?
A. Customers will be responsible for unloading the equipment from the truck when it arrives. Freight companies do not require their drivers to unload shipments. In some cases trucking companies may be able to provide a truck with a lift gate. This usually applies for smaller shipments. Additional charges may apply. In some cases you may get the manufacturer or contracted installer to deliver your product.

Q. How do I get my equipment off the truck?
A. Lift products will almost always require a fork lift or roll back truck. If you do not have access to this type of equipment the lift can be picked up at a local shipping dock. Please contact us for a dock near you.

Q. How will I know when my equipment is arriving so I can make arrangements to unload it?
A. Request to have the trucking company call you 24-hours before delivery. You can also arrange to have the lift supplier contact you after your equipment ships and provide you with shipping information, such as the freight carrier name and tracking number so you can make preparations for your unloading arrangements.

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