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Atlas Platinum Tire Changer

Are your technicians changing tires around the clock? If you don't already have electric tire changers, you could dramatically increase productivity in the garage by adding one or two. These are designed to break the bead easily and hold onto the wheel as the tire is replaced. Essentially, these give technicians a hand as they work, streamlining a process that can take time in certain situations. We offer two Atlas® Platinum tire changer models, each of which would work well in your shop. Atlas® Platinum equipment incorporates the highest quality Italian components and engineering, so you can bring the best into your shop.

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Atlas® Platinum PTC300 Electric/Pneumatic Wheel Clamp Tire Changer w/Left-Hand Assist Arm Atlas Platinum PTC300 Electric/Pneumatic Wheel Clamp Tire Changer Left Hand Assist Arm

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Atlas® Platinum Electric/Pneumatic Wheel Clamp Tire Changer

The Atlas® Platinum PTC300 represents the evolution of the most familiar tire changer configuration found in high volume tire shops around the world. The PTC300 is an Italian engineered Swing-Arm Tire Changer that comes standard with a Left-Hand Bead Pressing and Bead Lifting Assist Arm to make changing the most challenging tires a breeze.

Specifications: PTC300
  • Max. Tire Diameter: 43"
  • Max Wheel Width: 15"
  • Inside - Rim Clamp: 12" - 26"
  • Outside - Rim Clamp: 10" - 24"
  • Power Requirements: 110V

: $4,599.00
Atlas® Platinum PTC500 Electric/Pneumatic Center Post Tire Changer w/Assist Arms Atlas® Platinum PTC500 Electric/Pneumatic Center Post Tire Changer w/Assist Arms

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Atlas® Platinum Electric/Pneumatic Center Post Tire Changer

The Atlas® Platinum PTC500 Center Post Tire Changer is designed for high-volume tire shops that deal with the most challenging wheel and tire combinations in the market.

Specifications: PTC500
  • Max. Tire Diameter: 47"
  • Max Wheel Width: 15"
  • Clamp Range: 12" - 30"
  • Power Requirements: 110V

: $6,999.00

The Atlas® Platinum PTC300 is a popular model seen in auto garages all around the United States. It's ideal for shops that are not high-volume tire garages, but rather ones that see a moderate influx of tire appointments coming in. This tire changer features a left-hand bead pressing and bead lifting assist arm to help technicians change out tires fast and easy. The bead breaker is made of anodized aluminum, so it's highly durable. With a 26-inch clamping capability, this tire changer will get the job done with complete control.

If you own a high-volume tire shop, you may be more interested in the PTC500 Center Post Tire Changer. This model has a patented, state-of-the-art feature that you and your technicians will love. The "Lever No Lever System" allows the operator to use either the standard lever for operation or choose the leverless mode, which has no manual tools. The Smart Lock System immediately locks the wheel into position, so the operator will not need to manually thread the center cone or maintain a pneumatic locking system. The PTC500 also includes an external bead seating system and integrated wheel lift to make the process incredibly easy and safe for technicians.

Once you add an Atlas® Platinum tire changer to the mix, your technicians will thank you. Ready to order? We offer great financing options with low monthly fees so you can get your tire changers right away. If you have questions about our inventory of Atlas® Platinum tire changer models or need help completing your order, our customer service experts are standing by for assistance.