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UVIEW Coolant Flush

The UVIEW Coolant flush system is the most economically sensible decision on the market. It gets the job done routinely without the high price tag of other systems. The unit is easy to work and clean. Any coolant system will greatly bolster the efficiency of a body shop and give the mechanics freedom to work on less intuitive tasks. If you would like to see one in person, feel free to drop by Best Automotive Equipment. Our friendly staff will direct you and give you further expertise on the item in question.
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UView 570000 - UVU570000 Vac-U-Fill™ Coolant Exchanger

UView 570000 Vac-U-Fill™ Coolant Exchanger - UVU570000

List Price: $1,803.06
: $1,171.99
The Process

The UVIEW 570000 Vacuum Antifreeze Drain and Fill connects easily to almost any car’s engine cooling system. It straps right on to the radiator, filler neck, or reservoir tank. The ease application eliminates any need to cut header hoses or disconnect radiator hoses. Before the process begins, make sure to check the vehicle’s systems for any holes or leaks. Also, check the machine itself. Any leak in either could prove to be a messy clean up. The patented vacuum technology will keep the process sealed when it begins. The machine accurately pre-mixes water and anti-freeze in convenient 3 gallon holding reservoirs. Refilling the compartment is painless and takes only seconds. Overall, UVIEW Coolant Flush can hold 12 gallons in an environmentally friendly holding reservoir. If a shop already has coolant flush chemicals, this product is highly ideal. As an added bonus, there are no electrical or moving parts. It is a self-sustained unit.

This machine may not have some of the bells and whistles competitors have, but it has all the necessary tools to get the job done. If your shop needs a boost in sales, this machine will make any coolant transfer a piece of cake and cut the time down considerably. This will create more customers that leave the door with a smile on their face. Plus, faster turnaround inevitably leads to higher customer volume. If you would like to purchase the UVIEW 570000 Vacuum Antifreeze Drain and Fill there is a link to purchase the item from Best Buy Automotive Equipment.