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Tire Carts and Dollies

Single-bay repair shops, quick-lubes, and high-volume tire shops require all the necessary tools to maneuver vehicles quickly and efficiently. Tire carts and dollies are some of the most dependable equipment an automotive professional can invest in. These carts and dollies can stow a variety of tires and are great to have on hand for replacing damaged or worn tires. Such a simple investment can also increase shop efficiency while eliminating the need to lift heavy tires. Our selection of tire dollies includes premium products by the best brands in the automotive market, including ESCO, Champion Concepts, JohnDow Industries, ATD Tools, and so much more.

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JohnDow Industries JDI-TT1 Tire Taxi™ JohnDow Industries JDI-TT1 Tire Taxi™

JohnDow Industries JDI-TT1 Tire Taxi™

List Price: $118.64
: $77.11
Esco Equipment 70130 Truck Wheel Dolly ESCO 70130 Truck Wheel Dolly

Esco Equipment 70130 Truck Wheel Dolly - ESC70130

List Price: $159.95
: $94.95
Esco Equipment 70132 HD Super Truck Wheel Dolly - ESC70132 ESCO 70132 HD Super Wheel Dolly

Esco Equipment 70132 Heav-Duty Super Wheel Dolly - ESC70132

List Price: $224.95
: $129.95
Chariot Concepts TruStack Tire Dolly Chariot Concepts TruStack Tire Dolly

Chariot Concepts TruStack Tire Dolly

: $135.00
JohnDow Industries JDI-TT1-EX Extended Tire Taxi™ JohnDow JDI-TT1-EX Extended Tire Taxi™

JohnDow Industries JDI-TT1-EX Extended Tire Taxi™

List Price: $298.08
: $193.75
OTC 5095A - OTC5095A Easy Lever Dolly 24"-36" Tires

OTC 5095A Easy Lever™ Wheel Dolly - OTC5095A

List Price: $304.99
: $218.67
OTC 5096A - OTC5096A Easy Lever Dolly 36"-48" Tires Wheel Dolly

OTC 5096A Easy Lever™ Wheel Dolly for Wide Tires  - OTC5096A

List Price: $319.99
: $234.45
Mov-it Tire Products EZ-1F MTP, Inc EZ-1F Adjustable Tire Cart

Mov-it Tire Products EZ-1F Adjustable Tire Cart, 22" - 36"

List Price: $549.95
: $405.96
OTC 1769A - OTC1769A Dual Wheel 1,500lb Capacity Dolly

OTC 1769 A Stinger Dual Wheel Truck Dolly - OTC1769A

List Price: $599.99
: $537.80
Sunex 1501 -  SUN1501 1500lb Capacity Hydraulic Wheel Dolly

Sunex 1501 1500 Lb. Capacity Hydraulic Wheel Dolly - SUN1501

List Price: $1,011.66
: $579.73
Omega 47050C - OMG-47050C​ 3/4 Ton Wheel Dolly

Omega 47050C 3/4-Ton Wheel Dolly - OMG-47050C

List Price: $1,257.15
: $1,073.59
Omega 3/4 Ton Wheel Dolly OMEHW93766 3/4 Ton Wheel Dolly

Omega 3/4 Ton Wheel Dolly OMEHW93766

List Price: $1,974.75
: $1,303.19
OTC 1770A -  OTC1770A 1,500lb Capacity Dual Wheel Dolly

OTC 1770A1500 lb. Capacity Dual Wheel/Truck  Dolly  - OTC1770A

List Price: $1,399.99
: $1,406.88

Are there tire stacks in your garage or service bay? Stacked tires can look crooked and unprofessional, but they can also leave unsightly stains on the floor. Chariot Concepts changes all that with the TruStack tire dolly. With this dolly, you benefit from a mobile unit of tires that you can easily roll out, roll in, and redeploy tire displays. Tire dollies made by JohnDow Industries are designed to make moving tires throughout the service bay simple, fast, and safe. The Tire Taxi™ is equipped with four heavy-duty casters and can to move up to eight tires or five tire and wheel assemblies. If you require a more ergonomic working height, look no further than the extended Tire Taxi™ model with four legs.

Our selection of tire carts encompasses a wide range of capacities, from 265 to 1,500 pounds. OTC’s Easy Lever™ dollies feature a bent arm design to improve leverage and minimize back strain while transporting heavy tires. Super Wheel Dolly series made by ESCO will save your technicians from having to lift heavy truck tires. All dollies feature smooth rollers for accurate positioning and 360 degrees of access in any direction. Three-quarter-ton tire dollies may be the best solution for fleet maintenance centers that service large commercial vehicles.

The tire carts in our selection will allow you to remove, transport, and replace dual wheel and tire assemblies without strain or struggle. Best of all, heavy-duty hydraulic systems are actuated to provide smooth control for the removal and installation of single, tandem, and duplex tires or wheels. We offer free shipping and interest-free financing on select products. If you have any questions about our selection, please contact Best Buy Auto Equipment today.