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Shop Rags and Towels

It is a debate that a shop owner, a technician, and even a weekend mechanic may have encountered before: shop towels or paper towels? Whether your garage is at home or in the fast-paced industry of service maintenance and vehicle repairs, when it comes to absorbance, durability, convenience, cost, and even sustainability, one choice frequently will outshine the other.

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Kimberly Clark 75260 - KIM75260 200ct Scott Rags in Box

Kimberly Clark KIM75260  10" x 14" 200 Count Scott Rags In A Box - KIM75260

List Price: $23.95
: $14.71
Trimaco 10853 - TRI-10853 T-Shirt Knits, Bale Package

Trimaco 10853 T-Shirt/Knits Rags, Bale Package - TRI-10853

List Price: $67.99
: $33.09
Kimberly Clark 55300 WypAll® X70 Heavy Duty Cloths - KIM-55300 Kimberly Clark 55300 WypAll® X70 Heavy Duty Cloths

Kimberly Clark 55300 WypAll® X70 Heavy Duty Cloths - KIM-55300

List Price: $68.96
: $42.36
MDI Wipes 95014 - MDI-95014 Lint Free Prep-All Towel, 250 ea

MDI Wipes Prep-All Towel, Lint Free, 250 ea MDI-95014

List Price: $76.57
: $48.08

Shop towels overall do a much better job at absorbance than paper towels. Shop rags can be used several times before the ability to absorb dirt and moisture has been lost. Then, the towel simply needs to be cleaned to be restored. Paper towels, however, are generally only a one-use item before needing to be thrown away. Shop rags are also far more durable, and as they are not generally a single-use item, saving you and your shop money in the long run. When you consider the cost of having to replace a roll of paper towel compared to simply laundering and re-using a cloth, it adds up. For those wanting to go greener, shop towels are also a great means to reduce the impact of waste on the environment.

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