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Ranger motorcycle lifts

Ranger Motorcycle Jacks & Lifts

We're proud to offer a full line of Ranger Products at an affordable price. We have everything you need to get the job done in less time. Browse our large selection of motorcycle lifts and jacks online today. Call us toll-free at 855-275-5141 and ask about our no-interest financing plans.
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Ranger RML-1500XL Super Stretch Motorcycle Lift - ATV Portable - P/N 5150605 Ranger RML-1500XL Super-Stretch Motorcycle-ATV Lift / Portable


Ranger RML-1500XL Super-Stretch Motorcycle-ATV Lift / Portable

When it comes to motorcycle lifts there's one brand that stands above the rest--Ranger Products. Consider it a badge of honor that lets everyone know you never compromise. With its wide, stable stance, stretched tabletop and super-tall lifting height, the RML-1500XL greets you like the badass it is; rugged and tough with the muscle to prove it. Bigger metal and more of it; stronger welds and a durable powder-coat finish.

Specifications: RML-1500XL
  • Capacity: 1,500 lbs
  • Max Lifting Height: 45"
  • Lowered Height: 7-1/2"
  • Platform Length: 89"
  • Platform Width: 30"
  • Power Supply: Air/Hydraulic

: $2,450.00
New Gray & Yellow Color!
Although there are many different types of motorcycle lifts circling the marketplace, you can rest assured that the best quality is found with Ranger motorcycle lifts. By being fully adjustable, these lifts relieve workers of the stress and fatigue that can easily happen by elevating your motorcycle to a height that is comfortable for each individual working on it. For non-commercial use, these lifts are great for everyday maintenance, including routine oil changes and even your standard cleaning and polishing job. In addition to ease of use, the Ranger motorcycle lifts are made with not only advanced technical mechanics but also quality parts, making them reliable and also extremely easy to use. Because of their quality, they are expected to outlast all of their competitors that can only promise to live up to the standards found in the Ranger line. With three models to choose from, there is a Ranger motorcycle lift that meets every need. The Ranger RML-1500XL Super Stretch model is the largest in that it can lift up to 1,500 pounds and extend up to 45 inches in the air. As the biggest model, not only in weight capacity and height, but in platform height and width as well, the RML-1500XL is the ultimate in lifting equipment. For a smaller option, the Ranger RML-600XL Pneumatic Motorcycle Lift Package can lift motorcycles and ATVs up to 1,000 pounds and extends to 31 ½ inches. With the unique feature of a retracting wheel deck, the RML-600XL is unlike any other lift in its class. A third option is the Ranger RML-1100, which is a low-profile scissor jack that can lift motorcycles and ATVs up to 1100 pounds. The RML-100 is so versatile it can be used alone on the ground, or in conjunction with another Ranger motorcycle lift. Included with this model are two adjustable saddle adapters and its low-profile design makes it easy to fit under most custom frames. Whether you choose one model or a combination of the three, Ranger motorcycle lifts provide quality you can count on and a name you can trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a good motorcycle lift?

A: Any motorcycle lift from Ranger is going to be high-quality and easy to use; after all, Ranger is a name that stands high above the rest. The most popular lift we have from Ranger is the RML-1500XL. You won’t find a better combination of power, solid construction, and user-friendly features anywhere else.

Q: How much does a bike lift cost?

A: The cost of a bike lift will largely depend on the features it has and the manufacturer who makes it. For example, let’s compare Ranger’s 1500XL with the 1500M from Auto Lift. Both have a 1,500 lb lifting capacity, and both have an air/hydraulic power supply, but the Ranger lift is $2,470 USD while the Auto Lift is $1,875 USD. Why does Ranger cost more? Because it’s the top name in motorcycle lifts and it comes with many more features than the Auto Lift does.

Q: Why do you need a motorcycle lift?

A: Every mechanic/garage owner needs to have at least one motorcycle lift in the shop. You need to be prepared for any project, and lifting a small motorcycle on a regular car lift is awkward and inconvenient. Don’t waste time on inefficiency when motorcycle lifts are so affordable.