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Pipe Bender Options and Accessories

Pipe benders can come in handy when you run an automotive shop. From forming exhaust hangers to making utility hooks to organize your garage, there are many ways that pipe benders make day-to-day projects easier and faster in the long run. At Best Buy Auto Equipment, we offer a broad selection of pipe bender accessories that can help you streamline your services and complete projects in no time. We keep our inventory stocked with top-of-the-line products made by trusted brands, such as BendPak and Huth. We also offer free shipping on select products, so you can enjoy extra savings while finding just what you need at a competitive price. Shop from our collection today!

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Huth HMRB6017 Manual Rod Bender - HuthHMRB6017 Huth HMRB6017 Manual Rod Bender

Huth HMRB6017 Manual Rod Bender - HuthHMRB6017
Made in USA

List Price: $81.50
: $71.52
Huth 91176 Ready Rak II Huth Ready Rak II

Huth 91176 Ready Rak II - Huth91176
Made in USA

List Price: $115.00
: $100.92
Huth 985 Huth 985 Rod Bracket Bender

Huth 985 Rod Bracket Bender - Huth985
Made in USA

List Price: $288.00
: $252.72
Bendpak 6-pc Large 3" Die Kit 300-1 BendPak 300-1 Large 3" Die Kit

Bendpak 300-1 6-pc Large 3" Die Kit
Free shipping when purchased with a BendPak Pipe Bender!

List Price: $1,235.00
: $1,030.00

If you own a Huth pipe bending machine, you already know the profits you can make by bending your own exhaust pipes. There’s no need to order pre-bent pipes for systems that require brackets. Avoid throwing away your profit margin by bending the brackets yourself with Huth’s rod bracket bender, so you can quickly produce muffler hanging brackets. Our selection of pipe bender options includes manual rod benders, which provide a quick and easy solution for bending up to 0.375-inch rod using the rotation leverage of a 0.5-inch pin. Huth’s manual rod benders are lightweight, easy to use, and commonly employed for welding reinforcement rods or performing decorative metal fabrication.

If you own a BendPak pipe bending machine, our assortment of pipe bender accessories gives you the ability to extend the bending capabilities of your system. BendPak’s optional die package will help you unlock your full bending potential, complete with larger-sized tubing for a more uniform bend. All dies are made from precision machined solid steel. BendPak’s pipe bender options give you all the necessary bending data for both American and foreign cars as well as light duty trucks. This easy to read card system will have you forming OEM bent pipes to industry standards in a matter of minutes. If you have any questions while shopping with us today or would like one-on-one assistance from a helpful representative, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.