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Oxyacetylene Gas Welding and Cutting

Welding is a fundamental skill needed to perform auto repairs, modifications, and other services. When professionals need an affordable yet accurate process, they turn to oxyacetylene gas welding and cutting. Gas welding allows you to cut steel bars, plates, and sheets, but that's not all. You can also perform a wide variety of heating tasks, from releasing frozen bolts and rusty nuts to heating heavy stock for bending. Best Buy Auto Equipment proudly offers an assortment of heavy-duty oxy-fuel outfits that will help you to expand your services to include hand-cutting, fusion welding, braze welding, and so much more. We stock only high-quality products made by brands trusted throughout the industry.

There are many ways that an auto body and collision repair businesses can benefit from oxyacetylene gas cutting. Gas cutting enables you to cut thick material with a range of cutting tips. With a quality oxyacetylene gas welding outfit, you can weld torn or cracked steel without needing to disable airbags, electronics, and radio codes. Moreover, controlled heat is vital to the metal finishing process without the use of plastic fillers, and you can improve your repair process from start to finish. All the oxy-fuel gas welding outfits we supply are ready for multiple gas options: oxyacetylene, propane, and butane as well as natural and LP gases. These heavy-duty outfits are constructed with high-strength alloy, heavy-duty stainless steel, and durable brass to ensure many years of trouble-free maintenance.

Every oxyacetylene gas cutting and welding outfit we offer comes as a comprehensive kit with all the supplies you could need to take on any application: hoses, cutting tips, welding nozzles, strikers, protective eyewear, color-coded regulators, and so much more. What's more, these kits are completely portable and easy to use for bodywork professionals of all skill levels. Some products even qualify for free shipping while supplies last. If you have any questions or would like help finding the right oxyacetylene gas welding outfit for your shop, please don't hesitate to contact us for additional information or further assistance.