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Keychain Flashlights

When you’re repairing your customers’ cars or assisting your technicians on the chaotic workshop floor, the last thing you need is another tool or device crowding your pockets. You’re already carrying keys, hand tools, service tickets, and grease rags, so don’t make things more complicated by storing a hefty light that you won’t always use. Nothing says convenience like a keychain. We’re proud to offer a great selection of keychain flashlights so you never have to go without light and won’t be bothered by it when you don’t need it. Check out our great selection of products made by Streamlight, a brand all automotive professionals can trust and depend on.

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Streamlight Titanium w/ White LED KeyMate™ LED Light STL72101 Titanium w/ White LED KeyMate™ LED Light

Streamlight 72101 Titanium w/ White LED KeyMate™ LED Light - STL72101

List Price: $20.99
: $18.79

It can be difficult to trust quality when it comes to something as small as a keychain or pocket flashlight. Many manufacturers cut corners by designing keychain flashlights with cheap materials or limited battery lives. Streamlight stands apart from the crowd thanks to their commitment to quality. All of their attachable flashlights are made from premium materials such as machined aircraft-grade aluminum and durable titanium. Each of these materials features extreme corrosion resistance as well as durability to keep up with a tough work environment, which is ideal for machinists and technicians working in busy repair shops or auto garages.

With run times of up to eight continuous hours, these little lights pack a whole lot of punch for extremely affordable prices. Streamline also boasts long-lasting LED white lights that can last up to 100,000 hours, so they’ll never need replacing. Each flashlight features rotating “on” and “off” head switches in addition to non-rotating snap hooks for easy attachment to belt loops, utility hooks or a variety of surface options.

Once you discover the convenience of owning portable keychain flashlights, you’ll never take adequate lighting for granted again. Don’t be in the dark about lighting solutions. Shop Best Buy Auto Equipment’s versatile selection of keychain flashlights today.