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Ignition System Service Tools

It’s safe to say that if the ignition system doesn’t run quite right on a vehicle, you aren’t getting far. Because this system is so important to a vehicle getting from point A to point B, it’s important that all garage owners and mechanics have the proper ignition system service tools on hand. Without these tools, you won’t be able to service your customers’ vehicles properly, and one of the worst things for a mechanic to do is have to turn away a potential customer. If you can quickly fix a vehicle, you will likely have a customer for life, so it’s important to have a wide selection of tools available in your shop.

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Electronic Specialties 654 - ESI654 Reflective Tape for #330 and #332

Electronic Specialties 654 Reflective Tape for #330 and #332 - ESI654

List Price: $15.31
: $11.05
OTC 3/4" Air Conditioning Spring Lock Coupler Tool OTC7239 3/4" Air Condition Spring Lock Coupler Tool

OTC 3/4" Air Conditioning Spring Lock Coupler Tool OTC7239

List Price: $27.68
: $20.73
Fluke Inductive Pick-Up/External Trigger FLURPM80 Inductive Pick-Up/External Trigger

Fluke Inductive Pick-Up/External Trigger FLURPM80

List Price: $227.08
: $166.23

While you and your mechanics’ talent is a key ingredient in solving your customer’s vehicle issue, the proper ignition system service tools are also necessary to solve any potential issues that may arise. It would be nice if you always knew what customers were coming in for, but unfortunately, you will likely be presented a mystery at some point during each day, which means your job is not only to fix, but also determine where the key issue lies. Luckily, with our selection of ignition system service tools, you’ll find everything you need to successfully help your customers. We offer inductive pick-up/external triggers, wire terminal and trouble code tools, and even spark plug wire testers. Most of these are smaller tools that can easily fit in a toolbox without taking up too much space in your shop. When you have to be prepared for anything to happen in a day, it’s important that you not only have the right tools but also are able to store them out of the way, that way your team can continue to get cars in and out during the day.

If you have any questions about the brands or products in our inventory, please feel free to reach out to us. Our customer service representatives would be happy to answer any questions you may have, as well as point you in the direction of the equipment necessary for your shop.