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Ester PAG & POE Oils

PAG oils, Ester oils, and POE oils are a crucial part of A/C leak detection services for the professional technician. PAG is an acronym for Polyalkylene Glycol. PAG is a synthetic oil used in A/C systems to lubricate the compressor. Ester oil is a synthetic lubricant with excellent performance characteristics in high and low temp environments. POE stands for Polyolester oil and is also used in refrigeration compressors. In this convenient collection, you will find our selection of Ester oils, PAG oils, and POE oils for all your automotive needs.

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FJC Inc Pag Oil 150-8oz FJC2490 FJC Inc PAG Oil 150 Viscocity - 8oz

FJC Inc PAG Oil 150 Viscocity -8oz FJC2490

List Price: $12.07
: $9.27
Tracerline TP9870-P6 EZ-Ject™ Universal/Ester Multi-Dose A/C Dye Cartridges (6-Pack) - HBF-TP9870-P6 EZ-Ject™ Universal/Ester Multi-Dose A/C Dye Cartridges (6-Pack)

Tracerline TP9870-P6 EZ-Ject™ Universal/Ester Multi-Dose A/C Dye Cartridges (6-Pack) - TP9870-P6

List Price: $99.32
: $67.67

When you need the best Ester, POE, or POG oils to keep you or your customer vehicle's compressors' inner components lubricated and keep rubber components sealed, we have what you need. With over 85 years of combined expertise in the automotive service industry, we know how choosing the wrong brand of oil can negatively affect both the performance and longevity of your customer's vehicles and their compressors. We know that it is one of the biggest contributors to failure in A/C units within a vehicle and compressor failure as well, which is why it is imperative to us that we offer only the industry's highest-quality oils for our customers.

Optimum performance with the right balance of oils will have your workflow smoother and your customers leaving pleased. Whether you need PAG oil for R134a or a bottle of Universal Ester A/C oil with fluorescent dye for both PAG and mineral oil A/C systems you will find all of it and more right here with us.

Our experience in the automotive industry gives us a unique perspective on what tools and supplies are reliable, durable, and high-quality. We use that experience in everything we do here from customer service to offering our customers the most competitive, affordable prices on the market today. Give your service bay the update it deserves by always using the right tools and supplies for the task at hand by shopping the best brands only at Best Buy Auto Equipment.

Questions about Ester oils, PAG oils, or POE oils? Contact us today for expert assistance in helping you choose the best for your shop or business.