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CEMB EZ15 Space-Saving 3D Data Entry Wheel Balancer w/Touchcreen

CEMB EZ15 Space-Saving 3D Data Entry Wheel Balancer w/Touchcreen

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: $6,263.00

Product Code: CEMB-EZ15

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CEMB EZ15 3D Data Entry Wheel Balancer w/Touchcreen

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Space-Saver wheel balancer with video touch monitor. Exclusive direct weight placement, 3D inner data entry arm uses 3D Virtual Sonar and AutoAdaptive enhancement software to provide a faster, higher quality wheel balancing. Eliminates the time and hassle of manual rim width entry. Motorized, fast 5-second average cycle time. High quality, robust design, extremely accurate balancing with a simple to use interface. Electro-magnetic brake holds wheel steady for easier weight placement. Handles steel and custom wheels with choice of clip-on, tape weight and hidden spoke modes up to 30” rim diameter. Great for small garages, repair shops or back up to larger machines. 110v, 50/60 Hz. Comes fully assembled.

Autoadaptive Mode
The innovative tolerance calculation system AutoAdaptive Mode is based on the evaluation of the residual imbalance limit value corresponding to an acceptable perceived vibration. For each wheel that is balanced, the software AutoAdaptive Mode detects weight and dimensions and calculates the tolerance value that will cancel any vibration perceived on the steering wheel. AutoAdaptive Mode grants the highest comfort when driving, and together with OPB Program, saves balancing time.

Virtual Sonar
Virtual Sonar is the new CEMB software for a 3D wheel measurement which enables, in the absence of an actual sonar device, to detect the rim width. After having detected the first correction plane thanks to the automatic gauge, Virtual Sonar calculates the position of the external plane, according to the measured unbalance and the tolerance calculated with AutoAdaptive mode.

Heavy Duty
The entire range of CEMB balancers is manufactured to the strict high standards imposed by the company. Heavy duty batch balancing use doesn’t hamper even the smallest of CEMB balancers. Thanks to this sturdiness, the choice of an appropriate model is not subject to intensity of use but only to service requested. Each model differs from the other in levels of process automation and analysis capability effect on wheel.

  • Video Touch Monitor - An intuitive, durable, and easy to use 12” touchscreen monitor
  • 3D Inner Data Entry Arm Eliminates Rim Width Caliper Use
  • AutoAdaptive Enhancement w/ Static Residual Force Minimization
  • Direct Measures Input Eliminates Selection of Balancing Modes
  • Guided Weight Placement, ALU, Hidden Spoke Mode
  • Electro-Magnetic Brake Hold Weight Position, Quick-Clamp Wing Nut
  • Perfect for Tight Spaces
  • Made in Italy. Fully Tested and Assembled in the USA.
  • Plug & Play

Standard Accessories Included

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CEMB EZ15 Standard Accessories

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