25 Things You Didn’t Know about CEMB®

  1. CEMB® is one of the largest garage wheel service equipment manufacturers in the world and they have been in the garage equipment business since 1946.
  2. They have been selling equipment in the United States for more than 45 years, mostly under private label.
  3. In 70 years CEMB® has built wheel balancers, tire changers and wheel alignments under more than 30different private labels all around the world, most of which are very recognizable American, Italian,French, German and Japanese brands.
  4. Distributors may have sold (or are selling) CEMB® equipment and end-users may even be using a CEMB® product and they are unaware of it.
  5. CEMB® in the 1970’s was the first company in the world using “OK” on its balancer when the wheel was balanced.
  6. In early 80’s CEMB® built a tire changer/balancer combo named “Jolly”.
  7. In 1998 CEMB® invented and patented the real industrial “roller” to measure the tire uniformity.
  8. CEMB® invented and patented the automatic entry of dimensions of the wheels and the system to apply adhesive counterweight using the automatic arm.
  9. CEMB® invented the fixed shaft automotive wheel balancer, which it still uses today.
  10. Between 1975 and 1978 CEMB® invented and patented diagnostic systems to test suspensions and shock absorbers.
  11. CEMB® is the only company in the world manufacturing rust-proof cabinet wheel balancers.
  12. CEMB® is the only balancing machines manufacturer in the world with three different specialized balancing divisions
  13. CEMB® wheel alignment equipment, only recently introduced in the United States, is already a major player in that product line.
  14. CEMB® is the only manufacturer in the world to make both garage and automated assembly line wheel service mounting and balancing equipment, as well as tire matching, diagnostic and tire uniformity testing machines.
  15. You will find CEMB® and Hofmann® assembly line equipment throughout the world in the plants of automobile and tire manufacturing companies.
  16. CEMB® balances everything in the transportation industry: bus, truck, airplane wheels and jet engine rotors to high speed train wheels and axles.
  17. In the automotive industries besides wheels, tires and alignment service, they also sell equipment to OEM manufacturers to balance and mill disc brake rotors and to balance engine crankshafts, drive shafts, flywheels, brake drums, clutches, pulleys, radiator fans, electric motors and turbochargers.
  18. Over 70 million brake discs per year are balanced on CEMB® balancers.
  19. Over 50 million wheels have come thru assembly lines using CEMB® automatic equipment to mount, inflate, balance and tire match wheels, as well as tire uniformity and eccentricity testing.
  20. Over 2 million drive shafts have been balanced on CEMB® balancers.
  21. Over 10 million clutches have been balanced on CEMB® balancers.
  22. CEMB® garage wheel balancers are used by famous Italian and Korean tire manufacturers for their Formula 1 and DTM motorsport championships.
  23. CEMB® USA is one of the few wheel service companies that still offer a full one year onsite labor warranty on most of their equipment products.
  24. CEMB® USA is also one of the few companies that test and assemble all their equipment before shipping.
  25. CEMB® USA, unlike most other companies, has a live person answer their phones and either handles your call directly or puts you in touch with someone who can.