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Brake Lathe Adapters

Choosing the right brake equipment for your business can be difficult. Best Buy Automotive Equipment wants to make your decision easier by only offering the best of the best in brake accessories. We have a reliable inventory of brake lathe adapters made and backed by leading professionals in the automotive manufacturing industry: AAMCO, Bosch, Ranger Products, Elite Enterprises, RELS, Hoffmann, and Shark Industries. Take your pick from these top-quality adapter sets!

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44782 Rels Truck Double Cone Adapter Set Double Cone Truck Adapter Set

Rels Mfg. 44782 Truck Double Cone Adapter Set - Rels44782

List Price: $149.53
: $118.00
44710 Rels Light Truck Bake Lathe Adapter Set Rels Light Truck Brake Lathe Adapter Set

Rels Mfg 44710 Light Truck Brake Lathe Adapter Set - Rels44710

List Price: $367.46
: $287.15
Ranger 5150171 Light-Medium Truck Set (3 Pc) Fits RL-8500 and RL-8500XLT Ranger 5150171 Light-Medium Truck Set (3 Pcs)

Ranger 5150171 Light-Medium Truck Set (3 Pcs) Fits RL-8500 and RL-8500XLT

: $430.00
Elite Enterprises 20040 Elite Enterprises Lite Dual Chuck Adapter Kit

Elite Enterprises 20040 Lite Dual Chuck Brake Lathe Adapter Kit

: $835.00
Rels 47560 - RELS47560 1-7/8" Truck Adapter Kit

Rels 47560 1-7/8" Truck Adapter Kit  - RELS47560

List Price: $1,326.00
: $1,030.98
Ranger RL-8500 Truck Adapter Package Ranger 5150161 Truck Adapter Package

Ranger 5150161 Truck Adapter Package Fits RL-8500 & RL-8500XLT

: $2,595.00

Got rotor mounting problems? Regardless of what type of on-car or off-car lathe you work with in your professional garage, we have the brake lathe adapters to go with it. We have adapter sets and kits for light trucks, hubless cars, hubless trucks, and many other kinds of automobiles. Lathe adapters are the best solution for centering those pesky drums or rotors on your choice of brake lathe. They also help reduce vibration and brake chatter. Most of the kits we offer come with durable cones for turning rotors and drums, and some have specialty finishing to prevent rusting and oxidization. We advise that you pay close attention to the product dimensions included with your kit. Kits typically come with cones, spacers, silencer bands, tapers or a variety of these products in many sizes.

We carry adapter kits for every budget. If you find brake lathe adapters that you need, contact us today about our financing options on select products. We have store locations in dozens of states for the easy convenience of a more personalized shopping experience. Our customer service doesn’t stop at the point of sale. We want to help you find the right automotive equipment for your needs.

Since 1987, we’ve been helping professional mechanics and automotive technicians find the products they need to succeed. We can provide you with high-performance equipment from all the major manufacturers of auto repair tools and accessories. Contact us today by phone, email, or scheduling an in-store meeting and we’ll help you find the garage equipment you need. You can finally achieve that superior micro finish on drums and rotors when you select from one of our quality brake lathe adapters.