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Bore Gages

When it comes to your tools whether at home or on the clock at the shop, you know what you need. You need absolute precision, accuracy and built to last. While the definition of a bore gauge remains broad—a tool unique to the process of accurately measuring holes—there are all number of types of bore gauges used for a wide variety of applications. So, we made it our personal mission here at Best Buy Auto Equipment to present the number one choice in bore gauges on the market today in one handy collection.

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Fowler 1.4" to 6" Dial Bore Gauge FOW72-646-400 1.4 - 6" Dial Bore Gauge

Fowler 1.4" to 6" Dial Bore Gauge FOW72-646-400

List Price: $219.83
: $140.85
Central Tools Sleeve Height & Counterbore Gauge CEN6434 Sleeve Height Diesel Gauge

Central Tools Sleeve Height & Counterbore Gauge CEN6434

List Price: $358.99
: $211.66
Fowler Xtender Electronic Cylinder Bore Gauge FOW74-646-401 Electronic Cylinder Bore Gauge

Fowler Xtender Electronic Cylinder Bore Gauge FOW74-646-401

List Price: $417.50
: $250.06

This hand-picked, expertly backed collection features the leading brands on the market today.

The Fowler 1.4 to 6" Dial Bore Gauge kit, for example, has an accuracy of +/-0.00006 inches, making this kit ideal for precision work in many modern vehicles. Weighing about 2.3 pounds, its measurement range is between 7.879 and 8.27 inches. The Fowler is more than enough for deeper bores with .001-inch tolerance. Bower's FastFit measuring heads with constant spring pressure for repeatability is an extremely versatile tool with a three-point contact system for detecting triangular for error.

For diesel engines, look no further than Central® Tools, Inc. sleeve height diesel gauge. Featuring a range of 1.00 in, graduations of 0.001 in and reaching 0-100, this is also a wonderfully compact and versatile tool. It will quickly measure cylinder sleeve height and will prove easy and convenient to note readings.

Of course, that's not all we have. You'll notice that we're offering the Fowler cylinder bore gauge, Central® Tools, Inc. 2.125-7" grad cylinder bore gauge and more to help you expand or upgrade your bore gauges.

These bore gauges are the top-recommended on the market today, are easier to position and exceedingly accurate—exactly what you've been looking to add to your tool cart.

We've been the number one shop for the highest caliber automotive supplies, tools, and so much more since our creation in 1987. With the most knowledgeable, expert staff, our number one goal is providing outstanding services at outstanding prices to each of our customers. If you have any questions about our bore gauges, contact us anytime. We'd love to assist you with your purchase.