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Blade Sharpening Tools And Equipment

A dull knife has no place in the shop, especially when you need to cut cables, plastic, and other materials. As a standard shop tool, your knives should be able to handle any situation that calls for them. From handheld options to heavy-duty sharpeners, we offer a vast selection of blade sharpening tools to help maintain the effectiveness of all the blades in your garage.

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Lansky Sharpeners Quick Fix Pocket Knife Sharpener LANLCSTC Quick Fix Sharpener

Lansky Sharpeners Quick Fix Pocket Knife Sharpener LANLCSTC

List Price: $11.26
: $7.27
Lansky Sharpeners Multi-Sharpener with Keychain LANLTRIM Multi-Sharpener /w Key Chain

Lansky Sharpeners LTRIM Multi-Sharpener with Keychain - LANLTRIM

List Price: $11.43
: $8.88
Lansky Sharpeners Mini Crock Stick Sharpener LANLCKEY Key Chain /w Sharpener

Lansky Sharpeners Mini Crock Stick Sharpener LANLCKEY

List Price: $17.13
: $13.59
Lansky Sharpeners LCD02 - LANLCD02 Tactical Knife Sharpening Rod

Lansky Sharpeners LCD02 Tactical Knife Sharpening Rod - LANLCD02

List Price: $30.14
: $20.92
Lanskey Sharpeners Mount C-Clamp Sharpener LANLM010 Sharp Mount C-Clamp

Lanskey Sharpeners LM010 Mount C-Clamp Sharpener - LANLM010

List Price: $34.73
: $26.08
Lansky Sharpeners UTR7 - LANUTR7 Responder & Blademedic® Combo

Lansky Sharpeners UTR7 LKN111 Responder Quick Action Knife (EDC) & PS-MED01 Blademedic® Pocket Knife Sharpening Combo - LANUTR7

List Price: $37.03
: $27.27
Lansky Sharpeners LKC03 - LANLKC03 3-Stone Knife Sharpening Kit

Lansky Sharpeners LKC03 Standard 3-Stone System / Precision Knife Sharpening Kit - LANLKC03

List Price: $61.74
: $42.25
Lansky Sharpeners LKCLX - LANLKCLX Deluxe Sharpening System Kit

Lansky Sharpeners LKCLX Deluxe Sharpening System Kit - LANLKCLX

List Price: $78.56
: $55.02
Lansky Sharpeners LKDMD - LANLKDMD Dia System Sharpener Kit

Lansky Sharpeners LKDMD Sharpener Kit System - LANLKDMD

List Price: $153.71
: $108.68

What tools you choose depends on your technicians’ needs during the workday. If the need is relatively small, you may simply need a few of our handheld blade sharpeners. In brands like Lansky and Klawhorn Industries, these options come in a variety of different styles. For example, the Blademedic® Knife Sharpener has a tungsten carbide, serrated knife sharpener, ceramic sharpening rods, and a diamond tapered rod to completely restore any knife in the shop. We also carry blade sharpening tools in kits, complete with guide roads, honing oil, and more stored inside a custom-molded carrying case. Maybe your shop goes through knives quickly. If so, you need a durable sharpener that’ll last. The Work Sharp® tool sharpeners are made to give you the sharpest knives possible, made with cutting edge technology. We carry the Work Sharp® WS3000 Woodworking Tool Sharpener, which is designed to sharpen tools for scraping, carving, and more with its powerful 1/5 hp motor and wheel speed of 580 RPM. We also have the Work Sharp® Knife & Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition. This sharpener is made is sit on your worktable with an adjustable precision sharpening guide, variable speed, and wide flexible abrasive belts to fully restore your knives. From scissors to tools and serrated knives, this sharpener can handle it all. You just can’t go wrong with Work Sharp® knife sharpeners. Add these to your shop for largescale knife repair as well as the smaller ones for techs to keep on hand. This will help keep sharp knives sharp and dullness at bay.

Some of these items will qualify for free shipping. If you have any questions about our blade sharpening tools or need help completing your order, please contact us and one of our customer service experts will assist you.