Motorcycle Lift Comparisons

Motorcycle Lift Comparisons

Motorcycle lifts are an easy and affordable way to get the same great hoisting power you love for larger vehicles. Lifts unique to bikes have been designed to give you the support you need to elevate any smaller vehicle to a comfortable and easy height. Best of all, these lifts are more affordable and easier to use than car lifts, while also taking up less space.

There are two main types of motorcycle lifts you will find in your search - standard jack lifts and table lifts. Lift jacks are smaller, more portable, and typically less expensive. However, this also means they have a more limited range for what they can accomplish. Full tables are capable of larger jobs and provide the most support. Both options come in air and hydraulic designs, being operated by a lever or pump. Additional features include built-in wheels for movement and accessories such as attachable support ramps. Below are some detailed specifics on the different motorcycle lift comparisons:

Scissor Jacks:

The smallest, lightest, and most affordable lifts, this equipment can handle a variety of work and support many bikes with ease. Our models include the Ranger RML-1100, ATD Tools 7461A, Auto Lift DMCS-100, and more. Price is a big benefit for these lifts, with most models coming in under $200 or even $100, making them a great choice for shops and garages on a budget. Weight is another factor, and these motorcycle lifts can be as light as 30-60 pounds, making them easy to transport. This means you can easily store them when not in use and free up some floor space. Compact design as small as 12 x 14 inches makes it easy to fit these lifts in any space while also having plenty of room to work.

Table Lifts:

Designed for the biggest jobs and the most power, these lifts are the right choice when you are looking to work on bikes on a regular basis. They can help you quickly go from job to job in less time. We have great options including the K&L MC655R, Auto Lift 1300M, and more. Capable of handling the largest loads, table lifts have capacities from 1000 to 1500 to 2200 pounds, meaning you can find a lift that suits your needs and lets you work on any size bike.

Extensions and attachments can be included with many different models of lift, helping you get more room to work with and hoist larger or longer bikes. Get 12-inch side attachments, 13-inch front attachments, and more. Larger sizes are capable of handling a bigger range of vehicles. Lifts are designed up to 88.5 x 50 inches and can be extended for even more room so that you can handle long choppers and other larger vehicles.

If you simply want an affordable lift that can give you quick and powerful support for the occasional bike, options like the Auto Lift DMCS-100 are designed to fit most popular bike models and will get the job done. If you plan on making motorcycle repair and maintenance a regular part of your shop, consider investing in more powerful equipment such as the K&L MC655R, which will give you the flexibility to handle anything that comes through your doors. If this motorcycle lift comparison does not narrow down your search enough, feel free to contact us. We are always ready to help you get the perfect equipment for your shop!

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