Choose the Best Motorcycle Lift For You

There is such a wide range of different motorcycle lifts that it can be difficult to narrow down which is best suited for you. Before you choose your next lift, consider these three important factors integral to these equipment pieces: weight, versatility, and performance. You’ll want a strong lift to support a heavy bike, offer several mechanical options to increase your work potential, and how the lift will be operated, whether it be manual, air, or hydraulic. While you should browse all of our available options, we’ve chosen the best overall lift and the best value lift to help narrow your search.

Best Overall - Auto Lift 1500M Hi-Rise Motorcycle Lift
We believe that the Auto Lift 1500M Hi-Rise Motorcycle Lift is a great lift for almost anyone. With a carrying capacity of 1,500 lbs., a lifting height over 38”, and a sizeable length and platform size, this lift is a real powerhouse piece of equipment. Its platform allows for variation of vehicles, too; in addition to motorcycles, one could also service snowmobiles, ATVs, jet skis, and more. It is a pricey choice, however, at nearly $1,900, but if you’re willing to invest, we think it will prove its worth in time and performance.


  • Impressive carrying capacity
  • Sizeable platform for many types of small vehicles
  • Hydraulic pump makes for easy lift


  • May be too expensive for some
  • Better choice for dedicated mechanics

Best Value - ATD 7461A
If you’re looking to make simple repairs on a budget, look no further than the ATD 7461A jack. At only around $200, this jack can handle motorcycles and ATVs at staggering weights of 1,500 lbs. Ultimately, though, this is a jack, and if you’re not looking to exert gratuitous amounts of physical effort to lift your bike, then this may not be the lift for you. However, if monetary expense is important to you, then the value of this equipment will exceed its price.


  • Incredible range for weight support
  • Durable rubber pads that protect from scratching
  • Supports different vehicle varieties


  • Foot pedal operation may be cumbersome
  • Fairly short lifting range, only locks at three positions

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