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Solar Battery Boosters

If you own a mechanic shop, you must have the proper equipment needed to fix, or even jump start a battery. This is a key component that many clients will come in and need work for. That’s why we recommend you take a look at our fine selection of Solar jump starters. This will quickly jumpstart your client’s battery, or allow you to get their vehicle in the proper place in your shop for maintenance!

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SOLAR ES2500 - SOLES2500EK 12V Portable Battery Booster Pac

SOLAR ES2500 Portable Battery Booster Pac - 900 Peak Amps 300 Cranking Amps - SOLES2500EK

List Price: $292.80
: $158.59
SOLAR ES5000SOLES5000 Solar ES5000 Portable Battery Booster PAC

SOLAR ES5000 Portable Battery Booster Pac - 1500 Peak Amps 400 Cranking Amps - SOLES5000

List Price: $365.96
: $185.43
SOLAR ES1240 - SOLES1240 Battery for ES1224 / ES6000 / ES8000

SOLAR ES1240 Battery for ES1224 / ES6000 / ES8000 - SOLES1240

List Price: $343.87
: $239.11
SOLAR ES6000  - SOLES6000KE Solar ES6000 Portable Battery Booster PAC

SOLAR ES6000 3000 Peak Amp 12 Volt Booster PAC Jump Starters - SOLES6000KE

List Price: $691.80
: $384.29
SOLAR ES1224 - SOLES1224 12/24V Jump Starter Booster Pack

SOLAR ES1224 Truck PAC 3000 Peak Amp 12/24 Volt Jump Starter - SOLES1224

List Price: $1,061.41
: $536.79

Solar battery boosters are known for being easily portable, easy to use and operate, and strong and durable. Many of our choices have the ability to jump up to 5 vehicles on a single charge. Whenever the battery runs out, simply plug it right back in, and it will be ready to go for the next use. Battery boosters offer superior convenience for shop and car owners because you can easily charge them by plugging it into any outlet, and you can carry them anywhere you go. They feature a reliable battery status LED system and rotating holsters for easy clamp removal and replacement. If you ever need quick and easy portable power for a car battery, this is the go-to solution every single time.

Battery issues are constant with all types of cars, so offering these types of solutions will improve your shop from top to bottom. Whether your clients simply need a jump to get their car going or have major issues where you need to jump their car to bring it into your shop, you will be able to do it all by using Solar jump starters. They are made with the latest technologies, from the top experts in the industry. Solar battery boosters are trusted by many of the most reputable car dealerships, shops, and so much more.

Here at Best Buy Auto Equipment, we offer the most trusted brands in the industry. Combine that with our exceptional customer service and affordable prices, and you get a fantastic value. All shop owners can trust us, just like your clients trust you. Shop from our selection today!