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Ranger Floor Jacks

Although you may buy surplus tools from a local hardware store, choosing the right floor jack for your unique automotive repair service isn’t something to take lightly. At Best Buy Auto Equipment, we deliver only the best products made by the most reliable brands in high-quality shop equipment. Explore our selection of Ranger jacks so you can service your customers’ vehicles quickly and accurately. BendPak’s Ranger products have been designed, engineered, and manufactured throughout the last 45 years to provide outstanding functionality at affordable prices. Don’t waste any more of your time and energy settling. Explore our inventory today!

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Ranger RFJ-3TP -  P/N 5150440 3-Ton Professional Series Garage Floor Jack

Ranger RFJ-3TP 3-Ton Professional Series Garage Floor Jack -  P/N 5150440

List Price: $225.00
: $210.00
Ranger RFJ-3TQP - P/N 5150418 3 Ton Quick Pump Floor Jack

Ranger RFJ-3TQP 3-Ton Speedy Garage Floor Jack - P/N 5150418

List Price: $260.00
: $215.00
Ranger RFJ-3T - P/N 5150414 3-Ton Super-Duty Garage Floor Jack

Ranger RFJ-3T 3-Ton Racing Style / Plunger-U-Joint Design Floor Jack  - P/N 5150414

List Price: $315.00
: $260.00
Ranger RFJ-3000AL - P/N 5150061 1-1/2 Ton Aluminum Racing Quick Jack

Ranger RFJ-3000AL 1-1/2 Ton Aluminum Racing Quick Jack- P/N 5150061

List Price: $315.00
: $260.00
Ranger RFJ-6HD 3-Ton Capacity "Low Rider" Floor Jack - P/N 5150446 3-Ton Heavy-Duty “Low Rider” Garage Floor Jack

Ranger RFJ-6HD 3-Ton Heavy-Duty "Low Rider" Garage Floor Jack - P/N 5150446

List Price: $325.00
: $270.00
Ranger RFJ-4000AL 2-Ton Aluminum Racing Jack / Quick-Pump -  P/N 5150085 Ranger RFJ-4000AL 2-Ton Aluminum Racing Jack / Quick-Pump

Ranger RFJ-4000AL 2-Ton Aluminum Racing Jack / Quick-Pump -  P/N 5150085

List Price: $335.00
: $280.00
Ranger RFJ-3000LPF - P/N 5150060 1-1/2 Ton "Low Rider" Super-Long Floor Jack

Ranger RFJ-3000LPF 1-1/2 Ton "Low Rider" Super-Long Floor Jack - P/N 5150060

List Price: $345.00
: $285.00
Ranger RFJ-10TL - P/N 5150434 Ranger RFJ-10TL 10-Ton Long-Frame Garage Floor Jack

Ranger RFJ-10TL 10-Ton Long-Frame Garage Floor Jack - P/N 5150434
Limited Time Offer
Sale Price Valid thru Jan 31st!

List Price: $1,215.00
: $1,015.00

Each Ranger floor jack we supply is designed to meet a variety of everyday projects and responsibilities of owning a busy automotive garage. These versatile lifting machines are capable of handling full loads ranging from one to 10 tons and are made of either heavy-gauge steel or high-strength aluminum to ensure maximum durability under tremendous pressure. Most car models weigh between two and three tons, so finding a Ranger floor jack with ideal lifting capacity won’t be challenging when you shop with us. Our assortment of two- and three-ton floor or racing jacks are lightweight while still delivering heavyweight performance. These precision jacks feature extra-low profiles for lifting cars with low ground clearance or side skirts.

Enjoy a fast-action, dual-piston quick-pump combined with a rigid knurled aluminum handle to get cars off the ground in seconds. We guarantee you’ll experience improved customer satisfaction by servicing and inspecting vehicles faster than ever before. Looking for a higher lifting capacity? We offer 10-ton garage floor Ranger jacks that are built for heavy-duty lifting, such as truck fleets, buses, heavy construction equipment, and more. The pump handle on these models can be locked in three different towing positions for versatility and convenience and the double-sealed hydraulics prevent contamination for a longer service life.

When it comes to the success of your garage, the equipment you choose can greatly affect your repair bay’s efficiency and ability. Browse our Ranger floor jack collection today. If you have any questions about a specific product or financing options, contact a member of our team today and we’ll help you every step of the way.