Home Garage Car Lift Considerations

Home Garage Car Lift Considerations

A car lift is a big investment with equally big benefits. If you've been considering car lifts for your home garage there are many considerations to keep in mind while shopping. At Best Buy Auto Equipment, we can provide information to help you make sure the best home garage car lift will balance both your needs and your budget. This resourceful article will help you better evaluate the many home garage car lift considerations as you plan your purchase!

Home Garage Car Lift Requirements

A car lift can serve many purposes, and many requirements must be carefully considered to use one effectively. It's important that your car lift fits your home garage, while meeting your storage or maintenance needs, and staying within your desired budget requirement. A home garage car lift needs to be able to hold the vehicles you plan on working on safely, so weight capacity is important. Lastly, with a purchase of this size, a car lift needs to be reliable and last you for years to come. If you want a lift that will last a lifetime, then you will have to invest in that decision.

Consider the Cost of a Car Lift

On average, the price of a car lift ranges from $1,500 to $10,000. However, many elements factor into determining the price of a lift. While this lift will be used in your home garage, it's important to consider how it will be used. Will you mostly be lifting and servicing the same vehicle? Or will you be servicing a wide range of vehicles as the family or neighborhood mechanic? What kind of vehicles will the lift need to cater to? Will they be average-sized or larger, heavier ones? All of these questions are relevant when it comes to the price of a car lift.

Other things help determine the cost of a car lift. For example, the make, model, weight capacity, and construction of the lift can make a big difference in what you end up spending. Installation of a lift can be pretty pricey as well, with costs ranging from $500 to $1,000. Proper anchoring of the lift to the garage floor can add around $250 to the price if it's not included in the initial installation fee.

Average Prices of Car Lifts

The average two-post car lift with a 10,000-pound weight capacity typically runs between $2,000 and $3,500. Four-post car lifts are typically a bit more and require more during the installation phase. However, if you're considering a higher weight capacity or heavy-duty lift, that price can improve considerably. Working on heavier vehicles (like large trucks or commercial vehicles) means you'll need a higher capacity lift. How you'll be using your lift and the vehicles being serviced are the number one factor impacting the price you'll pay.

Be Cautious of Low Prices

A car lift used in a home garage will often be less expensive than one used in a business, but it's still important to be cautious when looking at less expensive options. While you may feel like you're getting a good deal, you have to be certain you're not setting yourself up for a costly and potentially hazardous situation. Cheaply made car lifts can have thinner steel construction, compromised safety systems (or no system at all), a lack of engineering structural stability, or they could be using lifting cylinders that don't meet the necessary size requirements.

Helpful Tips

Make sure to research the warranty of the lift you're purchasing. You should also consider selecting a lift that can handle around 1,000 - 2,000 pounds higher than what you're planning on using it for, just in case. Finally, double-check to confirm whether shipping and installation are included in your price. If these aren't included, you need to be aware so you can factor the cost into your budget.

Now that you've learned everything you need to consider when purchasing a car lift, go ahead and check out our selection! If you have any questions about any lift we offer, please contact us at 800-647-7883, and we will be happy to help you find the perfect lift for your home garage.