Tire Changer Comparisons

Tire Changer Comparisons

One of the most commonly used machines and a staple of every shop is the tire changer. A device that can range from the very simple to the extremely complex, this equipment will help you handle one of the most common maintenance jobs with ease. Wheels undergo a lot of abuse from their vehicles, being constantly in motion and bearing the full weight of the machine and its passengers. For this reason, they sustain a lot of wear and require regular maintenance. Ensuring your shop is equipped to handle this work will help make your life a lot easier, so you can tackle any job that comes your way without worry.

There are three main things to consider when deciding on the right machine for you. Size, type, and performance. Different models are designed to handle different wheels, and whether you are looking to change standard car wheels from 20 to 24 inches, heavy duty truck wheels, low profile wheels, or anything else, you will want a machine that can handle the job. Larger tire changers can also handle more frequent use, but are often more expensive, so you can customize your equipment to suit the needs of your shop. Here is a quick tire changer comparison that will help you narrow down your selection:

Swing Arm Tire Changers

A common choice for its affordability and efficiency, this is the first place you should look if you are on a budget. These flexible machines are easily adjusted to make sure the mounting tool is properly fitted to the rim of the tire, reducing the risk of damage when mounting and dismounting. Tighten the arm manually for a secure lock that fits perfectly with the wheel. If you plan on constantly performing work on the same size tire, these machines will make the job quicker and easier at a great price. Whether you are just opening a new shop or simply work with a constant size tire, this is a great option for you.

Tilt Back Tire Changers

Coming in at a higher price point than the smaller swing arm design, tilt back tire changers are a great option for shops that intend to work on a wider variety of sizes. They are more easily and quickly adjusted on the fly to accommodate different wheels, helping them save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run. Use an automatic tilt back option to adjust your changer to correctly fit the size of any tire and you will reduce the risk of damage during a change while also making the job easier every time.

Heavy Duty Tire Changers

Built for size, strength, and performance, these machines are capable of the biggest loads and the largest wheels. Easily able to handle weights up to 3,000 pounds and more, they are capable of changing the tires of large vehicles from trucks to buses to off-road vehicles. Tackle tire diameters up to 95 inches and ensure your shop is prepared for any vehicle with these remarkable machines. If you expect to have the largest vehicles driving up to your door, make sure you have the power to handle the job with heavy duty tire changers.

Motorcycle Tire Changers

The opposite of heavy duty, these smaller machines are meant for handling smaller wheels. While still capable of handling up to 40 inches or even larger tires, they are designed with usability in mind. With a simpler setup, they are easier to use and can save you a lot of time when working on smaller vehicles. From bikes to ATVs to trailers, this is a machine you will want for your shop if you plan on working with a large variety of smaller vehicles. Planning on working on many different sizes of tires on a regular basis? Check out the option of adding an assist arm to your tire changer.

If you still need more information not listed in this tire changer comparison, feel free to contact us. We have a huge selection of dozens of fantastic tire changers that will help you save time and hassle in your shop, and we will help you find the right machine for the work you plan on performing.

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