Brand comparison between BendPak and Backyard Buddy Lifts

The information posted below is based on the side-by-side comparison study administered by BendPak®. Statements attributed to Backyard Buddy™ have been taken from their website and other marketing materials.

We know that there are many options out there when it comes to choosing the right brand for your lift. That's why BendPak took initiative and administered a side-by-side comparison study between their Four-Post Lift and Backyard Buddy's Four-Post Lift. We've simplified things by creating a pro/con list that includes everything you need to know about these two products. Keep reading to learn about the pros and cons of each brand, and rest assured that you'll make the right decision.

We'll start with Backyard Buddy's lift. Backyard Buddy prides itself on having built its reputation on "American-made Quality, Safety, and Strength." They've been manufacturing lifts since 1978, and each lift is produced right in Warren, Ohio. Backyard Buddy is known for their original idea of the outside slider lift design.

Backyard Buddy
Backyard Buddy car storage lift

  • Offers a full line of lifts for cars, trucks, and recreational vehicles
  • Home lifts can include accessory kits
  • Offer professional home installation
  • Don't require floor anchors for stable use

Backyard Buddy

  • Don't use anti-spread bolts
  • Columns are made from rugged, structural 4x4 steel tubing
  • No use of plastic sliders on inside of lift legs

Backyard Buddy nylon slide blocks

  • Lifts are made of all steel constructions
  • The installed flow restrictors allow the lifts to maintain position even in the event of a hose issue
  • Includes 10 positive locking positions that are cut into the 4x4 structural steel tube legs, not welded on.
  • No lateral movements, so virtually no chance of falling

close-up photos pf Backyard Buddy car storage lift
Backyard Buddy power unit mounted on stand

Backyard Buddy power unit mounted on a stand

  • Not a certified product
  • Capacity is 7,000 pounds (lower than Bendpack's lift)
  • ANSI Tested Weight Criteria are unknown
  • More expensive than BendPak
  • Smaller sheave roller axles
  • No cable-break safety device
  • A closed steel leg design is a better brake component rather than a lift component

BendPak's origins go back to 1965, and they are currently the world's leading producer of auto equipment. They've managed to create a global manufacturing network without sacrificing quality and timeliness. BendPak is globally recognized for its high-quality products!

Bend Pak Logo
BendPak car storage lift - yellow LamborghiniBendPak car storage lift - red Ferrari

  • The lift capacity is 9,000 pounds
  • ANSI/ALI ALCTV 2006 labels it as a Certified Product
  • ANSI Tested Weight Criteria is 27,000 pounds

BendPak HD-9 4-Post car storage lift specifications

  • Less expensive than Backyard Buddy
  • Visually Attractive: they feature lifting cables that are routed internally through the cross tubes and columns and are void of clumsy linkage rods and external safety locks
  • Features 8 independent safety locks to combat any potential cable breakage
  • Adjustable ladder design made for unlevel floors
  • 72 unique lift models to choose from
  • Over 650 installation and service centers across the U.S.

BendPak service trucks
  • Offers worldwide distribution, service, and sales coverage
  • All designs are computer modeled and then undergo simulation testing

BendPak structural integrity BendPak structural integrity BendPak structural integrity

  • Has anchor holes should you choose to bolt the lift into the ground for extra stability

BendPak leg construction
  • They don't use anti-spread bolts
  • No use of plastic components on suspension-specific parts
  • Runways were tested and certified at 27,000 pounds and are cold-formed steel
  • All of the BendPak lift cylinders use internal flow restrictors to prevent rapid falls in case of a hose or fitting failure
  • Features 13 adjustable lock positions providing greater versatility and storage height coverage
  • Users experience less sway with BendPak models in comparison to Backyard Buddy

BendPak Safety Lock System Featuring Slack-Cable Backup

  • Includes "outrigger" sleds that ensure the cable block remains square
BendPak outrigger sled
  • Dual-hub sheaves feature 1-1/4" Oilite® oil-impregnated bronze bushings and have almost 400% more bearing surface area for increased life and durability.

BendPak dual hub sheavesSheeves

BendPak photo of HD-9 Series
BendPak HD-9 Series

BendPak also uses UHMW slide blocks, but internally as opposed to externally.

BendPak UHMW slide blocks

BendPak can supply these valuable options as ll.

BendPak car storage lift options

BendPak power unit attached firmly to column

BendPak power unit attached firmly to column

  • None. Seriously, we couldn't come up with anything!

While Backyard Buddy is a perfectly serviceable lift, there is no real, objective winner between their lifts and BendPak. The results for any measurement that matters, whether quality, safety, pricing, or the features available will depend on the buyer and user perspectives. As always, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. We will be happy to assist you!

BendPak Safety Lock System
Features Slack-Cable Backup
Backyard Buddy Fixed Cloumn Locks
BendPak safety lock system and Backyard Buddy fixed column locks
Backyard Buddy and BendPak car storage lift side-by-side comparison