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Symtech Coolant Flush

A properly functioning Coolant Fluid Exchange System is an important part of any growing body shop, and The Symtech Coolant flush system is a great machine that gets the job done. It makes customers happy with the quick turnaround, which raises profits. Plus, mechanics are freed to do more complex tasks. Replacing coolant can be an arduous task if it is done manually. Come by Best Buy Automotive Equipment if you’d like to see one in person. Our helpful staff will have no problem showing you around the store.
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Symtech Radiator Coolant Fluid Exchange - SYMVFX1 Radiator Coolant Fluid Exchange

Symtech Radiator Coolant Fluid Exchange - SYMVFX1

List Price: $4,445.51
: $3,560.23
How It Works

The Symtech Coolant Flush system has an easy to follow color-coded operation with an easy to read and use reference guide. The system provides two services. First, it takes old coolant from the vehicle. Second, it puts new coolant in. The vacuum is so powerful that airlocks are eliminated quickly. This will stop the machine from freezing up in the middle of an operation. It does not require electricity. Instead, it is shop air operated. This frees up outlets to be used for other tasks and does not create any drain on resources. The maximum pressure is 15 psi, more than enough to get the job done. There is a 15-gallon fluid tank for the already used coolant. Plus, there are multiple tanks for the multiple types of the fluid specific to each car. This gives the coolant system an extra level of versatility.

If your shop does not have a Symtech Coolant Flush or another coolant flush system it could very well be lagging behind. Doing the job manually costs time, which in turn costs dollars. By buying this system any garage will be moved ahead. It is a durable machine that is designed specifically to not break down easily. Its giant compartments allow for multiple jobs to be done without regular maintenance on the machine. Don’t lose your customers to the competition. Stay ahead of the times and get this piece of technology to help your business prosper. We here at Best Buy Automotive Equipment hope to see you soon!