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Getting an engine out of a car can be much harder than it looks, and the Sunex engine hoist products are some of the best available to ease the load. It can be very difficult to get the correct torque without doing yourself. People often underestimate the damage grabbing an engine from the hood can do to their backs. Best Buy Automotive carries many Sunex products.
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Sunex 5207 - SUU-5207 Engine Transverse Bar with Arm Support

Sunex 5207 3 Point Engine Support Transverse Bar w/Arm Support SUU-5207

List Price: $294.23
: $155.72
Sunex 5222 2 Ton Folding Engine Crane w/Dual Pump Pistons - SUN5222 Sunex 5222 2 Ton Folding Engine Crane w/Dual Pump Pistons

Sunex 5222 Folding Engine Crane w/Dual Pump Pistons - SUN5222

List Price: $1,153.85
: $810.76
1,500 lbs. Capacity Engine Sling

This Sunex engine hoist product has closed links to make it easier to use with other standard hoist hooks. Plus, there is an acme thread that gives it strength while allowing it to be easily adjusted. The item contains four chains and angle brackets to get even weight distribution when mounting the engine. The chain diameter is 1-1/2” and the length is 1” respectively.

Engine Transverse Bar with Arm Support

Unlike most hoist products, this item gives support from inside the automobile. The design makes it especially handy for repairs on front wheel drive cars and replacing motor mounts. An adapter arm can be added for applications requiring additional support. Two 14” long adjustable hook screws and 1/8” diameter steel cable 38” long are included.

750 lbs. Engine Stand

The sturdy 4-leg, t-shaped design gives absolute support for any engine up to 750 pounds. It has a fully adjustable mounting head and adaptor fingers. A long handle rotates the mounting head, and an adjustable locking mechanism allows for 360-degree rotation of the engine.

1.5-Ton Foldable Engine Crane

This Sunex engine hoist product is great for raising, lowering and transporting engines and other heavy garage loads. The RapidRise hydraulic jack gives it six times faster lift than standard cranes. It can be quickly folded to save space when it is not being used. The swivel-hook and chain assembly make positioning any item feel as light as air.

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