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OTC by Bosch S77701 OTC SmogTamer™ OIS Wireless Smog Workstation - Used

OTC by Bosch (formely SPX) S77701 SmogTamer™ OIS Wireless Workstation w/Cart - California Certified

: $4,295.00
Sale Price: $2,800.00
Of course, even though these tasks can be automated, it should be noted that not just any unit can do the same. Here at Best Buy Auto Equipment, we have strived to put together a supply of impressive and highly-efficient smog machines to give your garage the tools necessary for higher output and more efficient service. Testing has never been quicker, easier, or more reliable than it is with this type of innovative technology.

Many of our smog machines feature guarantees and comply with standards such as those given by BAR. Impressive designs provide connectivity with common operating systems and allows for seamless navigation of the software to provide customers with results clearly and quickly. Some models also include the Tamer System for increased longevity.

There is no worry about a learning curve or improper installation of this device. Many models arrives on site, and factory trained technicians will set an appointment to un-package, set up, and train you on this new analyzer in no time. The training will help you become comfortable on this innovative smog machine and be able to give customers the answers they want with confidence.

These systems meet all requirements by BAR and come equipped with protective bumper-like said rails for added safety and less worry during movement. These smog machines can provide the information your customers want to know about their vehicles in a very quick and efficient manner. Space-saving installation and custom configurations can be obtained in order to provide your shop with any type of setup you desire.

Utilizing technology can help your shop become a more preferred option in a competitive market. Customers can feel confident in the innovative technology present in these units, and you will be able to increase your output by achieving quick and accurate information on every vehicle that comes into your shop. Take a look at our advanced products today.