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Robinair Coolant Flush

The Robinair 75700 CoolTech Coolant Exchanger is one of the most popular coolant services on the market today. This quick machine gets rid of many of the hassles that come with changing coolant manually. Come by Best Buy Automotive Equipment today to take a look at this fine piece of machinery in person.
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Robinair 75700 CoolTech Coolant Exchanger - ROB75700 Robinair 75700 CoolTech Coolant Exchanger

Robinair 75700 CoolTech Coolant Exchanger - ROB75700

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How it Works

The Robiniar Coolant Flush is simple 10-minute exchange process. Purchasing one of these machines means it is no longer to necessary to wait for the engine to warm up. The waste tank comes equipped with sigh glass so the amount of coolant is always easy to read. A single valve controls the coolant, making the process so easy training will not be necessary. Pulleys, belts, and fan blades are not part of the system—limiting hazards. The entire system works without the technician being hands on. As an added bonus, the Robinair 75700 doesn’t need electricity to get the job done. A 90PSI shop air drives the steps that smoothly exchange the fluid. A 2 GPM pump is also on the waste tank to add an extra boost. There are two on-board storage tanks, allowing for two different types of coolant to be on one machine.


This machine is designed to last for years. The cabinet is made out of polypropylene, an impact-resistant material that will not dent or harm any vehicle. Plus, it is impervious to chemicals commonly used in the garage. There won’t be issues with breaking the Robinair Coolant Flush while on the move. There are large, inflatable tires that keep the system well balanced across any floor or surface. The 96” hose is easily stored within the unit itself, getting rid of even tripping hazards or the need to cut hoses.

If this machine sounds right to you, feel free to purchase one through the online systems present at Bust Buy Automotive Equipment. A properly running coolant exchanger cuts the time of the procedure a great deal. This makes customers happy and makes turnaround faster. The result is more money in the hands of hard working mechanics.