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When you don’t have the space or the money for a full-scale lift in your garage, there is an alternative solution you can trust with car restorations and common repairs. At Best Buy Auto Equipment, we carry only the best automotive products made by the most reputable brands in the industry. Nationwide, for example, is a leading manufacturer of auto lifts and equipment that can handle a wide variety of applications. We proudly offer Nationwide rotisseries that are designed to make restoring any vehicle or repairing car frames a simple and easy task for any technician. We offer interest-free financing with no obligation to buy on select items, so you can outfit your shop with the best equipment on a budget.

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Nationwide NW-CR-3000 Car Rotisserie w/Adapters Nationwide NW-CR-3000 Car Rotisserie w/Adapters

Nationwide NW-CR-3000 Car Rotisserie w/Adapters - NW-CR-3000

List Price: $1,632.00
: $1,369.00

An automotive rotisserie allows you to rotate the body of most vehicles up to 360 degrees along the long access, so you can get to those hard-to-reach parts that are often difficult to work on. Every Nationwide rotisserie uses heavy-duty ram jacks at each end with a slow-release mechanism for safe load lowering. These rotisseries also come with an extra-long power stroke with hydraulic bypass valves to prevent the cylinders from over traveling. Better yet, Nationwide rotisseries can lower down to most bumper heights, allowing you to lift the body of a vehicle to almost any comfortable working height. With 3,000 pounds of lifting power, this lift can easily handle most passenger cars and light-duty trucks.

Whether you are the owner of a large restoration shop or a seasoned car restoration expert, a Nationwide rotisserie will provide you with an efficient and affordable way to work on cars in total comfort. All Nationwide rotisseries come fully equipped with adapters, including 2 unibody brackets, 4 mounting brackets, 2 leaf spring brackets, 2 valance brackets, and 2 universal door bars. Each Nationwide rotisserie in our selection features a black powder-coated finish and polyurethane wheels to ensure durability in a demanding environment. We offer free shipping on select products, so you can enjoy the savings while increasing your potential for profit. If you have any questions about choosing a rotisserie for your shop, please feel free to contact us for additional information.