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MotorVac Cool Smoke® HP Leak Detection System w/Light Kit & UV Dye

MotorVac Cool Smoke® HP Leak Detection System  w/ Light Kit & UV Dye (6.8oz) P/N 500-0150
Motorvac 500-0150NA

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: $2,532.03

Product Code: MOTORVAC-500-0150NA

EVAP Leak Detection Accessory

Motorvac 400-1054 EVAP Leak Detection Fluid 6.8 oz. [Add $36.80] more info...

MotorVac Cool Smoke® HP Turbo Adapter Kit
[Add $413.95] more info...

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MotorVac Cool Smoke® HP Leak Detection System w/Light Kit & UV Dye (6.8oz)

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The Cool Smoke® HP is the next generation of diagnostic leak detection for forced induction gasoline and diesel engines. The Cool Smoke® HP delivers market-leading ease of use, reliability and leak detection

MotorVac 200-0175 UV Light Kit

UV Light Kit
Includes a 5W Phazer White & Black UV LED lights. To view the dye deposit, use the UV Phazer Black light and UV enhancing safety glasses.

MotorVac 400-1054 Cool Smoke replacement fluid

Cool Smoke® Replacement Fluid
Cool Smoke® HP machines come factory filled with Cool Smoke® Fluid. To refill your units order #400-1054 Cool Smoke® Replacement Fluid

  • The Cool Smoke® HP delivers dense smoke across it’s entire operating range of 3-60 psi unlike competitive products that must reduce smoke output at higher pressures due to limitations in their technologies.
  • Cool Smoke® HP’s advanced 3.5 inch multicolour digital LCD display, integrated software and Bluetooth® capability makes it easier and simpler to use. The system’s software is application compatible and in the future can be controlled and updated from a mobile device.
  • The Cool Smoke® HP measures system pressure decay, leak sizes and flow rates accurately over the entire pressure range with high precision sensors and electronic controls - not possible using mechanical gauges. Redundant pressure sensor controls ensure long term reliability and safety for the technician and the tested system.
  • The lightweight product design makes the Cool Smoke® HP easy to handle.
  • UV dye is critical in high-pressure leak detection providing the operator an effective way to identify the leaks and their exact sources.
  • The Cool Smoke® HP operates on 12 to 24 VDC, is not polarity sensitive and draws minimal current. Smoke is produced without heat, making it safer, more reliable and more energy efficient than competitive models.
  • Customer configurable settings include multiple language and units of measure.
  • Multiple adapter configurations ensure the ability to connect to any automotive induction system component.
  • The Cool Smoke® HP is available with the Turbo Adapter Kit (500-0150) or without the Turbo Adapter Kit (500-0150NA). Both units come with our UV Phazer™ Black UV leak detection light and glasses, our high intensity visible light and are factory filled with Cool Smoke® Fluid.
 MotorVac Evap 100 includes
MotorVac 200-0150 turbo adapter kit

Optional #200-0150 Turbo Adapter Kit

  1. (1)#98821846 Phazer White 5 W Light AAA
  2. (1)#98006475 Black UV LED Light AAA S/A
  3. (2)#068-0100 Turbo Adapter Plug 2.25” to 2.5” Assembly
  4. (2)#068-0120 Turbo Adapter Plug 2.75” to 3” Assembly
  5. (2)#068-0140 Turbo Adapter Plug 1.75” to 2” Assembly
  6. (1)#068-0250 Turbo Adapter Plug Assembly
  7. (2)#98821847 Hose Silicone 1.75” I.D. X 3.7”
  8. (2)#98821849 Hose Silicone 2.25” I.D. X 3.7”
  9. (2)#98821852 Hose Silicone 2.75” I.D. X 3.7”
  10. (2)#98821854 Hose Clamp Turn Key 64-89mm
  11. (2)#98820992 Hose Clamp Turn Key 46-70 mm
  12. (1)#471112 UV Enhancing Safety Glasses
  13. (2)#98821848 Hose Silicone 2” I.D. X 3.7”
  14. (2)#98821851 Hose Silicone 2.5” I.D. X 3.7”
  15. (2)#98821853 Hose Silicone 3” I.D. X 3.7”
  16. (12)#98027050 Battery AAA

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