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Best Buy Automotive has the greatest Mo-Clamp engine hoist products available. Removing an engine from a car can be a backbreaking job. It requires a great deal of force and it can be difficult to find a good center of balance. Often, mechanics will end up being hunched over the car using their lower back for leverage. The Mo-Clamp Engine Hoist Products ease this load on workers and are made in America. They are some of the most durable and cost effective items on the market.
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Mo-Flex 36" Nylon Sling

List Price: $89.66
: $68.25

Nylon Sling

List Price: $111.45
: $84.85
Sling Mo-Flex 36IN

The Mo-flex slings are very flexible. This allows them to contort to the curve of the surface being pulled far more easily than other tools. A protective pad is included in the packaging that slides around the sling to give protection to the device when wrapped around a sharp object. Nobody wants something they just bought to get a hole poked in it. The stretching capacity of the item is 36 in. in length with a maximum weight of 10,600 lbs. It may look dainty, but this Mo-Clamp Engine Hoist Product adds a wallop of power.

Sling Nylon

This item is made of extremely durable nylon that won’t break or be cut easily. It is 30 in. long and can be made into a cinch. It weighs only 1 pound. However, the vertical capacity of the Mo-Clamp Engine Hoist product is 2.5 tons and the basket capacity is 5 tons. This product is a simple, elegant solution to getting an engine out of a car without hurting your bottom line.

Stop putting undue strain on the lower backs of yourself and your workers. Give one of the Mo-Clamp products a try. They are cost effective and help get the job done. If you would like to see one of these items in person to get a feel for the nylon,
feel free to stop by any Best Buy Automotive Equipment location. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you and give you some pointers. Of course, you can always order the item at our website if you have already made up your mind. We hope to see you soon!